Studio Monitors

What makes a good studio monitor?

A good monitor does not artificially exaggerate frequencies. Where Hi-Fi speakers will make your music sound good, which is usually down to the boost in lows & highs and a cut in mid frequencies, sometimes known as the “Disco Smile” due to the big smile across the graphic equalizer 🙂

Ultimately, Hi-Fi speakers are just not designed to take abuse above typical programmed material. Sure you can use them, just don’t use them as the main monitors.

Choosing the right monitors for you is something you can’t be told. After all, it’s your ears, not mine, or anyone else’s for that matter! Studio monitors main aim is to tell the truth. So then, what is the “truth” when it comes to monitoring?
The “truth” really has less to do with the monitor itself and more to do with the experience of the producer.

You have to really “know” your monitors. The main thing is to get a set you are comfortable with, that you can listen to all day long. Eventually your ears will actually “learn” the monitor. As you check your mix on other systems, you will learn about your systems deficiencies and compensate.

So, the “truth” is not a quality of the object itself, but a quality of ear, mind and experience… Basically, “It’s all in your head”.

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  1. Peter Dudley says:

    Very good advise here. I would also say that many people forget about the room. Its more important if you want an accurate perspective to look at the room and get it acoustically treated. Otherwise you will not be getting an accurate idea regardless of what monitors you choose. Room first, monitor choice second. If its not practical to acoustically treat a room, then you'll remember why studio exist for this purpose. IMHO, Peter Dudley (Mix Engineer) Apple Logic Trainer

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