Product Pick of the Week: The Hofner Shorty

A magic wee guitar, modelled on the original Shorty that was around in the good old days (also known as the 80’s). It might be small but don’t be fooled, it still knows how to rock – stick it through any of your pedals and you’ll see you can still get a pretty rawkus sound out of it.

The beauty of this guitar, I suppose, is it can be used as a travel guitar so you don’t have to suffer the heartbreak of being away from your pride and joy for too long . On the other hand, it can also be used as a pretty unusual on-stage guitar – bearing in mind that you can shock the crowd by walking on stage with your little gee-tar (cleverly fooling them into thinking they’re not going to get much noise out of you) then melt all their faces off with its one-of-a-kind Shorty magic.

Don’t believe us? Check THIS out. Once you’ve done that, click HERE to grab one before they disappear before your very eyes. They’re only wee after all; they can get away much easier than most guitars… Catch one while you can!

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