Dave G's Product Pick: Roland HPi-7F Digital Piano

RRP: 3,546.78
Red Dog Price: £2,949

Over the years the piano has proved itself as one of the most expressive and versatile of instruments.  People from all walks of life learn to play and often play for years.  In this busy world we live in, it’s sometimes hard to dedicate the time to practicing and even learning an instrument like the piano.  Fortunately, Roland have come to the rescue with the HPi7F.

The Roland HPi7F is not only a world class digital piano, it also has a totally unique teaching system built in.  In essence it is a piano that teaches you how to play the piano! Amazing!  As a digital piano, it is just about the closest thing you can get to playing an acoustic.  Using Roland’s incredible SuperNatural modelling technology and authentic hammer action, it not only sounds amazing but also behaves and feels like a fine acoustic piano.  You can even design your own piano sounds right down to the amount of string resonance and hammer noise.

The music rest has a large high resolution full colour screen built into it which can display musical score and any of the teaching applications built in.  Piano teachers will be pleased to see that it has many standard study pieces and exercises built in as well as a whole array of classical pieces and popular songs.  If you are teaching yourself, the “Visual Lesson” guides you through a song and scores your progress as you go.

Even young kids can get involved with the HPi7F’s plethora of interactive games and activities that make learning the piano even more fun.  Whether you are a beginner, an expert or somewhere in between, the Roland HPi7F will have something for you!  For a full demonstration, please give me a call or pop in to the store.

You can get your paws on one by clicking HERE.

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