Will's Product Pick: Korg Wavedrum Mini Electronic Drum Pad

Red Dog Price: £259

A big WELL DONE to Korg for bringing out some great new battery powered products! Korg‘s newest product in this vein of portable goods is the Wavedrum Mini – a drum synthesizer with a difference. The most fun aspect of this device is the external microphone clip that can be attached to a wide range of things – desks/feet/other percussion, etc. The clip acts as a velocity trigger and can transform almost ANY surface that it can stretch around into a drum or tuned instrument.

The unit also boasts a rubber pad that is both positionally and velocity sensitive, yet can be played in unison alongside the sounds triggered by the clip. All of the sounds onboard can be assigned to either the pad or the clip and playing around with the looping functions and in-built backing tracks can produce some fun noises. Be warned: the looping doesn’t have any smooth quantisation functions that are often present in other loopers – this means what is played out of time, stays out of time. Having said that, this product is designed with drummers in mind and can act as either a handy training aid or as a live performance instrument.

Korg have added the ability to transpose the tuned instrument patches which makes it a great jamming tool. Capable of 100 different sounds ranging from synthetic to acoustic, there are sounds to suit almost everyone. The Korg Wavedrum Mini benefits from its own built in speaker and while it’s not exactly high fidelity or loud, it’s adequate for on-the-go jamming. However, when the drum is plugged into a good set of speakers or ‘phones, the famous Korg sound quality is definitely evident. I’d recommend trying it out with either good studio headphones or as we did – through a 1000W PA! In summary, great price, great clip thing, great times.

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