How can a multi-effects pedal help me? – Question of the Day

Multi-effects pedals are an excellent way of getting a vast array of sounds without the massive outlay of buying each effect they offer individually. While it’s certainly true that dedicated, individual effects will sound better in isolation than their emulated versions in multi-effects pedals, the convenience of having everything in a small, highly portable device is very appealing.

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  1. fynncallum says:

    Very true and, as far as quality goes, things have come a long way since my mk1 Zoom 505! While I do love my board of Catalinbread, and other ’boutique’ individual pedals, a multi-effects pedal means you can go from a clean verse with delay and chorus, to a searing solo with distortion, phase and pitch-shift with one pedal press, try doing that with individual pedals without six years of jazz-tap lessons!

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