V-Drums Friend Jam: UK Drum Battle

Roland V-Drums are synonymous with practise for drummers. Whether a beginner cutting their teeth, or a professional drummer working on a new track, V-Drums have become a great way to nail those rudiments, chops and grooves.

This year, Roland released V-Drums Friend Jam; an app for your computer and iPhone that makes practise competitive and great fun. Simply download Friend Jam and connect your V-Drums to your computer to instantly hook up to a global network of drummers. Not only does Friend Jam allow you play along to downloadable audio tracks, it will score your performance, broadcast it on Twitter and can even place your score in the global leader board. You’ll also see where you need to improve to become a better player, which will lead to an even higher score.

From 18th-25th August (inclusive), Red Dog Music will be hosting a FREE Friend Jam battle. Simply go instore, play, practise and submit your score. You’ll be placed on an instore leader board with the chance to win bragging rights for the highest score on the day. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to win a Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite drum kit; the person with the highest instore score in the UK at the end of the week wins!

Download Friend Jam now at www.roland.com/V-Drums/FriendJam/

Download the Friend Jam app for your iPhone 4/4S here.

Friend Jam app for iPhone requires Roland Wireless Connect.

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