What are the different body sizes for acoustic guitars? – Question of the Day

Most acoustic guitars come in one of four most popular body shapes:

The largest of the standard shapes, jumbo-style acoustic guitars offer a large, open sound – popular in country music.

The classic, almost rectangular acoustic guitar shape as designed by CF Martin and co. in the early 20th century, dreadnought guitars offer lots of volume and projection due to their relatively large shape, but can feel quite bulky when rested on the knee.

Grand Auditorium
Grand Auditorium shaped acoustic guitars have a similarly wide body to a dreadnought but a thinner waist, meaning they are loud and project well but can be more comfortable. The shape also gives a good balance between treble and bass, meaning the guitar will work well for both strumming and fingerstyle playing.


“Folk” style acoustic guitars have a smaller body size and are often quite shallow depth-wise. This means they may not sound as “warm” as larger bodied guitars and emphasise the higher frequencies more. On the plus side, this sound can impart a bright, springy sound and the guitars are a bit easier to lug around!

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