Kirsten's Product Pick: Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90

Red Dog Price: £675


With its gentle curvilinear hollow body and Godin’s custom polished black finish, it’s no wonder the 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 caught my eye. This classic 50’s archtop design wouldn’t have looked out of place in the hands of Elvis, with its tastefully designed chrome tailpiece and tuning pegs, plus a black pick-guard to match the body … it’s hot stuff.

It has a rosewood fingerboard and silver leaf maple neck that plays beautifully. It’s really lightweight too – just as well, as you’ll want to play this thing all day! The laminated wood top, back and sides are made of Canadian Wild Cherry and manufactured in Canada – as are all Godins, in fact, where they have SIX different factories spread out over 1000km. Why not just have one giant guitar factory? Well, Godin believe that having smaller factories promotes a more intimate working environment, which gets everybody more involved and produces a greater end result. I LIKE!

After much acoustic finger-picking and aesthetic admiration, I finally plugged it in and what a lovely sound it has. Going in to a Fender Deluxe with a little bit of reverb is a great combo for this guitar. It has a warm rich tone on the clean channel and the P-90 pick-up really crunched nicely with a bit of overdrive. It’s full-sounding and has a very evenly balanced tone.

This guitar is the business. It’s versatile, plays like a dream and looks sexy too! At just £675, it’s a steal for such a wonderful instrument. I (insert heart logo here) Godin.


Peerless Gigmaster Custom OR Peerless Tonemaster Custom

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