Phil’s Product Pick: JMP1 Marshall Guitar Amplifiers (50th Anniversary 1970s Edition)

Red Dog Price: Valve Combo £589, Valve Head £519

These JMP1 Marshall amps sound stunning when you plug a Les Paul in and turn them all the way up FULL. Because of their low wattage, you can make these wee beasts moan and squeal with beautiful Marshall encrusted feedback, without blowing your roof off. A perfect recording tool, or alternatively you could try plugging one into a 4×12 – yowzerz! Plus they look totally cool and retro too.

Reflecting the second decade of business – and a decade that will forever be remembered for its impact on rock music – the JMP1C is reminiscent of 1970s Marshall amplifiers, most notably the JMP. Featuring a tone that has more gain than the previous JTM1, along with its own unique preamp structure and rear panel gain boost switch, the JMP1 is ideal for everything from big rhythm to searing lead for fans of 1970s rock.

The JMP-1H head and JMP-1C 1 x 10″ combo are all-valve 1-watt amps, specifically designed and voiced to produce the sound of Marshall products made in the 1970s. The Marshalls of this decade had a solid, punchy mid, a tight bottom-end and an aggressive yet musical overdrive when “cranked”, making them the signature sound of many of the 70s most popular and influential artists.

The JMP-1H and JMP-1C both use two ECC83 (12AX7) dual-triode valves to shape the tone and gain structure in the preamp. The Class-A, parallel single-ended power-amp topology employs two ECC81 (12AT7) dual-triode valves to wring every last drop of harmonic magic from its circuit. The added bonus is that you get that distinctive Super Lead tone but at the neighbour-friendly volume of 1-Watt. The additional attenuation offered by the Low Power button on your amps rear-panel drops the power even more, should you need to do so.

These are certainly not the cheapest small valve amp on the market. However, you are getting a limited ‘Made in England’ collectable – a timeless piece of history from this legendary amp company.


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