Intellitouch Freedom One tuner wireless system review

Are you ready for something ridiculously exciting AND futuristic? Nice one, take a seat – we don’t want you to pull a muscle and/or wet yourself – and put your paws together for the first WIRELESS guitar tuner pedal. You heard us.

Wireless microphones have been done, wireless headphones, wireless speakers… so it makes sense that a wireless guitar tuner would eventually make its way into the land of brain-melting musical equipment. It’s very simple – OnBoard Research Corporation, the company that revolutionised the musical instrument tuning industry by creating the world’s first clip-on tuner, have taken the concept of the original guitar tuner pedal, crossed it with the concept of the instrument wireless system and created the Intellitouch Freedom One.

It fits onto your pedal board, as normal; the difference with the Freedom One is it comes with a high quality wireless link that plugs directly into the output jack of your guitar. All you have to do is whap it in and the Intellitouch sends a wireless signal to the pedal, saving you from having to plug anything in. You don’t even need to bend over.

Basically, stay perfectly in tune with minimal effort. Intellitouch does the hard work, so you don’t have to. Just like Flash.

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  1. Jason Saovry says:

    So… You have to unplug from your board in order to tune?

    • Guy Perchard says:

      Hey Jason – It works like having a regular pedal tuner and a wireless receiver in one box. The wireless signal goes from the transmitter in your guitar and is picked up by this pedal, from there you can connect it to the rest of your board just like normal.

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