Ableton Live 9 – looking forward to the release date!

Recently, Ableton announced the forthcoming release of the newest version of Live; can you believe it’s up to version 9 already! The additional features certainly go beyond incremental upgrades and problem fixes, although Live 9 does add some functionality that long-time Live users have been wanting for a long time, such as the ability to draw curves in your automation.

Ableton have also partnered with Cytomic to produce a version of the well-respected ‘Glue’ compressor to complement the standard Live compressor. Ableton have also added additional visual feedback to the compressor, gate and EQ Eight devices, giving users useful feedback into how their tweaks are affecting the signal.

For those who are drawn to the Suite version of Live, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that Max for Live is now included as part of the Suite. This will give you access to all the bundled and user-designed M4L plugins and, should you wish to get your hardcore programming hat on, the perfect toolkit for building your own esoteric music making and mangling devices.

Perhaps the most exciting and inspirational upgrade though, is the audio to MIDI converter. Imagine you’re a guitarist with a song that really needs an electric piano part, but the black and white keys are alien to you. No problem: record the solo on your guitar (or xylophone, flugelhorn or whatever else you may have to hand), change the audio to MIDI and play back with your favourite electric piano plugin. It works for beats to. Got that perfect rhythm loop in your head, but you always struggle getting the timing right when you program it? Now just record yourself beat-boxing the loop, convert to MIDI and assign the drum sounds you want.

With great sale pricing available on Live 8 and Suite 8 right now, and free upgrades to Live 9 when it’s released (likely in the first quarter of 2013), and with the forthcoming release of the Ableton Push controller, there’s never been a better time to start making your music with Ableton Live!

 Check out Ableton’s demo video here:

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