6 free VST guitar plugins that’ll blow your mind

We would probably go out of business pretty fast if we gave everything away for free, but us lovely folk at Red Dog Music have a little surprise for you as our way of saying “thank you” for reading this article. Click here to find out more.

So you’ve bought an amazing audio computer, an  electric guitar and an audio interface, and you want to share your shreds with the world, but you’ve run out of money. Disaster!

Or is it…?

Out in the wonderful word wide web, there are a load of free widgets that’ll give you all the tone you need, without costing you anything. We picked our current top 6 and have listed them below (just ’cause we’re nice like that):

Ignite Amps – The Anvil

Ignite Amps make real live amps, so they know a thing or two about tone. “The Anvil” offers incredible sound quality, especially considering it’s free.

SimulAnalog – Guitar Suite

The name “Guitar Suite” makes it sound like the sort of plugin that should come with a butler and a hot-tub. The thing is, it pretty much does: offering simulations of stomp boxes including  the Boss DS1 and SD1,  the Ibanez Tube Screamer, and the Univox Univibe, alongside solid virtual Fender Twin and Marshall JCM900 amps.

LePou Guitar Plugins – Everything

LePou plugins are built by a guy in France who hasn’t even got round to registering his domain yet, he’s that obsessed with building amazing VST guitar plugins. His plugins range from emulations of classic amps to his own creations; all are great.

IK Multimedia – Amplitube Custom Shop

IK Multimedia are good friends of ours and we’ve watched them grow from a small plugin company to a world-beating manufacturer of amazing widgets for getting sound in and out of your iPhone or iPad. Amplitube Custom Shop is the software you need to buy their premium plugins. However, it comes with a load of amazing stuff out-of-the-box, including 9 stomp box emulations, 4 amps, 5 cabs and more.

Voxengo – Tube Amp

According to Voxengo, their Tube Amp plugin “applies asymmetric tube triode overdrive”. Any old plugin can do that (possibly), but the thing about this is that it does it well and it sounds amazing. Having said that, it doesn’t look too great, but who cares what it looks like? Basically: no frills grit.

Fretted Synth – FreeAmp3

The Fretted Synth website has mysteriously disappeared (the likes of Native Instruments not happy that they’re giving away so much goodness for free??), so we’re linking to the Rekkerd page that still seems to host the plugins. FreeAmp3 really shouldn’t be free: it features masses of sound-shaping potential and the user interface looks great. If you just want one (free) VST guitar plugin, get this.

We hope this lot come in useful. If you know of any more, let us know in the comments – happy shredding!

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  1. Ben Morris says:

    so…you're a musician?

  2. I just want the pedal effects minus the amps. Even when I bypass the amps, it doesn't sound the same and compromises the pedals.

  3. StudioDesk says:

    Synthezisers are like our babys. We love them. However many people face a problem to place them at home to be at perfect hight for playing and keep wires out of sight.

  4. David Fallen says:

    most of these the links are dead, or don't work as advertised.

  5. Pete says:

    aint owt for free

  6. Jihad says:

    Links are not working.

  7. Natalie says:

    Maybe that’s the thing that I was looking for so long. I have got some problem with my current VST guitar plugins.
    You have mentioned that LePou Guitar Plugin. Will you please be a little bit more brief about this one? I have heard that His modules go from imitations of exemplary amps to his manifestations.


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