New Moog synth announced: NAMM 2013

…but what is it??

Moog Music have released a teaser video of a new synthesiser that gives very little away, other than clearly indicating that the synth will be analogue, and will be phat. Featuring long-time Bob Moog collaborator Herbert Deutsch, the synth is shown only with a basic keyboard and a load of knobs (but without any sort of casing).

All the sounds you can hear in the video seem to be monophonic, so hopes of a polyphonic analog synth from Moog (“Moog Voyager Poly”? “PolyVoyager”? “Moog PolyPhatty??”) may be in vain.

Check out the video here:

From the sound of the bass, we reckon some kind of Little Phatty / Minitaur crossover is in the offing but with the added feature of the “multidrive” (whatever that might be).

What do you think? Are you excited about a new Moog SubPhatty??

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