7 undeniable reasons why bass players are cooler than guitarists

1. They are rarer. There just aren’t as many bassists about. You’re in much more demand than guitarists, just check the classified ads in music shops: bands always need bassists (and drummers for that matter, but they seem to have a shorter shelf-life for various reasons). Of course, rarer doesn’t always mean cooler, I haven’t ever seen an original pressing of a Busted record for example…

2. They make you want to stand up and get your moves on. Take, let’s say, your band of drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals. Remove the guitar, how’s that sounding? Now remove the bass and it feels like your urge to tap your foot or mosh like a mad bunch of frogs in a shoebox has been surgically removed.

3. There is a humble self-confidence about them. While your guitarist is standing front-stage, trying to line the pockets of their chiropractor with crazy moves, and performing the most impressive rock-lord facial expressions, the bass player, confident and comfortable in his musical role, stands quietly at the back just making it all groove, but…

4. You can be just as flash and showy as the lead guitarist if you want to. As we learn from the book of Bootsy Collins, you don’t just have to live the life of the wallflower, you and your huge star-shaped bass can claim that front and centre stage.

5. You can choose to look just that little bit aloof and superior. You’re the bass player, the bedrock, the foundation, they need you. Why not celebrate that with a fantastic Hilary Woods-style pout.

6. You can make the guitarist look good. If you and the drummer are locked in, the rest of the band can make a mistake here or there and the audience probably won’t really notice. If you get the rhythm and the groove right, you’re already most of the way there.

7. Because Will Baker says so. And he’s in charge of repairs at ‘Dog towers, so we need to listen to what he says…

Pick up a bass guitar folks! Instant coolness, instant demand for your services, gigging bands, record deals, swimming pools filled with Cava (the industry isn’t that strong anymore). With so many people playing the guitar now, perhaps now more than ever, being a bass player is cooler than being a guitarist. Of course, you may not agree…

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Fynn Callum

producer, guitarist, engineer & dj
From indie guitarist to deep house producer via Northern Soul dj; mix engineer, producer and gear enthusiast. Jaffa Cake aficionado.

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  1. Allan says:

    Bass players are just the drummers care workers. Half that list can be nullified with little knowledge or thought, the other half is wishful thinking.

    If you think bass players are so important, I have three words; Animals As Leaders.

    • Jamie says:

      Why are people so keen to put down other members of bands just because they play a different instrument? Every instrument is important, and any idiot knows that bass is an incredibly important part of a sound as usually without it things sound so empty and tinny.

      Being able to name one band who doesn’t use a bass doesn’t prove anything, I could just go ahead and say Death From Above and now I’ve apparently proved the exact opposite as you did by saying Animals As Leaders. Or I could say Primus, who still use a guitar but would obviously be nothing without that bass.

      As musicians, can we not just get along and see each others value rather than being all ‘HURR DURR YOUR INSTRUMENT’S POINTLESS CUZ IT’S NOT THE SAME AS MINE’

      Time to grow up.

  2. Dino says:

    I walked away from this with some pretty amazing ironic and sardonic chuckles. Great blog my friend!

  3. Jan Van Wyk says:

    Haven't sold that many bass guitars over Christmas and January then?

  4. Caleb Prince says:

    I play both…

  5. Don Ramirez says:

    Probably not… but, maybe.

  6. 40 years later and I still smile when that strap goes over my head.

  7. Pedro Silva says:

    That's what they said there are probably thousands of guitarits for just few bassists and drummers… that is why I play all of them! xD

  8. Amo Green says:

    Me TOO Walt – Me Too !!!

  9. Craig Pryde-Ritchie says:

    So easily flattered 😉

  10. I've been playing guitar for 38 years and I agree with this article whole-heartedly. I even played bass for a while, but I just had to go back to guitar….I'm just not cool enough to embrace the bass.

  11. Skoobie Mann says:

    Rule No.2 Your bassist is a useless c**t

  12. That just means, you are twice as awesome. You get a star! Lol I play Guitar, but I have a secret desire to learn bass, i LOVE the groove 😉

  13. Yeah. When I listen to the Black Keys or White Stripes I think 'This sucks without a bass player'… haha

  14. Mike Stein says:

    …any bass solo will sound guid when your guitar man wears a nappy…

  15. it's WERD, not word.

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