Wishlist: the Blackstar HT10 valve amplifier

Blackstar make a great range of amplifiers, from their in-the-flat manageable 1W recording and practice amps, to their 200W screaming-down-a-stadium-near-you monsters. Could there maybe be an easily-plugged hole in the range though, possibly between the HT-5 and the HT Studio 20? Both are great-sounding and versatile amplifiers, but what if you’re looking for something that goes that bit louder than your HT-5, so that you can compete a bit more fairly with the rest of the band, without needing a PA?

Maybe a Blackstar HT10 would fit the bill? Keeping the same features as the HT-5, but doubling the output, the HT-10 would be a nice step up in power, letting you fight those bandmate ‘I want to be louder’ battles a bit more fairly. With a combo version offering the Blackstar-designed speaker in keeping with the rest of the HT range, and a head version also available, the Blackstar HT-10 would be a great product for those who wanted a bit more volume, but who didn’t have the budget to step up to the Studio series.


Note: “Wishlist” is an occasional feature in which we discuss products that do not actually exist! However, if you think we’re onto something, let us know and we’ll hassle the manufacturer for you!

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Fynn Callum

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