The seven days of Ableton Live 9 : 1 day to go

When Ableton Live was first released, it really did shake things up a bit. Musicians were able to break free from the linear, left to right arrangement timeline that had been the structure of the DAW for quite some time. With the innovative session view, you could break up your compositions into snippet-like ‘clips’ of MIDI and audio and, well, jam with them basically. All of a sudden computer-based musicians were able to improvise much in the same way as ‘conventional’ instrument-playing musicians.

Ableton and PushWhile this made things great for 4/4-based EDM artists working in loops, musicians across perhaps every genre have really embraced Live as a creative tool. With the final day of our countdown to the release of Ableton Live 9 (unless Ableton go and move the release date on us!) we look at using Live to explore some other musical areas, starting with some great insights into how Mr. Bill used Ableton Live to produce his track Focus:

If you search around, you can find examples of Ableton Live being used to produce every style of music you can think of, from being used as a conventional DAW to compose and produce classical music, through dub reggae, crunk and breakcore, to ambient and generative music with everything we didn’t mention in there somewhere too.

In particular, Ableton Live is ideally suited to experimental and generative forms of music. Its flexible audio and MIDI routing options, combined with features such as follow-actions and Max for Live, as well as its ability to host VST plugins such as Reaktor can give rise to some impressive creations. The only limit really is your imagination:

For today’s ‘add to your Live rack’ tip, we’ve gone for the Glitch Dub one-knob rack effect from Lenny Kiser (as long as you don’t mind handing out a Facebook like for the download!).

And now just one more sleep to go…

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