My amp has four little feet, why do I need an amplifier stand?

Most amps seem to live on the floor, that just seems to be a fact of life. Guitars, not having four little rubber feet on the bottom get a stand, but your amp probably doesn’t. However, there are good reasons why perhaps investing in an amplifier stand might be a good idea…

Fender Blues Junior on amplifier standAt home, getting your amp -and we’re really talking combos here- off the floor and tilted back a little bit can make your life (and possibly everyone else’s) easier by pointing the speaker at your ears instead of your ankles or knees. This means you can dial back the volume a little bit and hear a more faithful reproduction of what’s actually coming out of your speaker.

By getting the amp off the floor, you’re also helping to decouple the movement of the speaker from the floor. While you may appreciate the enhanced bass response of several square metres of floor resonating in sympathy with your low notes, you might find that your sound is a bit tighter and more punchy once you get it up in the air.

Raising the height of your amp can also make it easier to adjust those knobs without your guitar or bass swinging headstock-first into your amp or the wall when you bend down for some tone-tweaking.

Depending on the venue and the setup, an amp stand can also be great when playing live, helping to get your sound out into the room and directed at the ears of the audience, or to yours so you can roll off the volume a bit making the front-of-house engineer’s job a bit easier!

Of course, perhaps the most important benefit of getting your amp away from the horizontal by a few degrees is that you’re less likely to rest your beer on it…

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Fynn Callum

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From indie guitarist to deep house producer via Northern Soul dj; mix engineer, producer and gear enthusiast. Jaffa Cake aficionado.

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