Getting crafty with some guitar string jewellery and trinkets

Guitar player? Bass player? While we’ve all had times when we’ve let our strings turn to rust while we save our pennies to afford a shiny new packet, chances are you still get through a few sets, but what to do with the ones that come off? Seems like a bit of a waste, but what if you were to make some guitar string jewellery? That would be crafty… It’s not often we turn our attention to arts and crafts here at Red Dog Towers, but if it encourages you to keep your instrument in tip-top playing condition, we’re all for that!

Guitar string jewellery- pendant made from bass trings

There are some striking examples of guitar string jewellery around for inspiration. All you need to get started are a few simple tools, such as snips and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Obviously, much like when changing your strings, be careful of those sharp ends and flying bits of freshly-snipped string! Then just add a few simple bits and pieces to taste, such as beads and the like, and while away those dismal spring-shower days; when you’re not playing your freshly strung guitar of course…

A few quick searches online can tell you exactly what you need and give you a few step-by-step guides to get started. While it all seems to look pretty neat, we do notice the fact that there don’t seem to be too many necklaces made from top E strings, that might be a useful tip right there.

If guitar string jewellery is not your thing, but you’re feeling crafty, what about some trinkets or mantelpiece dressing? Not only will you save some of your contribution to your local landfill, but imagine the calming effect of creating beauty out of blues. Or rock. Or jazz…

Guitar string jewellery and trinkets

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