Volca Beats, Volca Bass and Volca Keys from Korg!

We thought the MS-20 mini announcement from NAMM was pretty exciting, but what about these for ‘Messe? A mighty triumvirate of analogue tone: the Korg Volca series.

Korg Volca Series: Volca Beats, Volca Bass and Volca Keys analogue drum machine and synths

Featuring the Volca Bass, Volca Keys and Volca Beats, these analogue synths with built-in sequencers got us thinking of the result of some crazed captive breeding experiments between the first round of the Korg Electribe series, the Korg Monotron range and Monotribe, and some classic hardware units of the ’80s that went on to inspire a whole generation to create several new genres.

Featuring the sync connections of the Monotribe, you’ll be able to add this to your existing setup quickly, but, unlike the Monotribe, the Korg Volca also has a MIDI input so you can get synced and sequenced with your DAW in the usual way!

Korg Volca Beats analogue drum machine

Starting with the Beats unit, you get six editable analogue sounds, complemented by PCM samples and a sixteen-step sequencer. The Bass box is based on three oscillators for super-thick sounds and with a simple synth architecture to let you get on with the business of making music. They Volca keys is an easy to program 3-note polyphonic synth with onboard loop sequencer. Put the three together, and you’ve got a pretty powerful setup…

The Korg Volca range is completly portable, with battery power and a built-in speaker, but these could be great sources of inspiration in the studio. The Volca range should be available in September with a UK price still to be announced, but if they’re priced about the same as the Monotribe, they may well fly off the shelves! We certainly look forward to getting our hands on them!

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