Review: “I Lie About My Age” by Róisín Tuohy

It’s no exaggeration to say that the U.K. singer-songwriter scene is busier now than it ever has been. The relative ease that musicians can make passable home recordings, manage their own online distribution and promote themselves through social media has created an almost intimidatingly vast landscape for the fanciful music fan to wander through in search of new music. However, the days when you would exclusively hear records by quality-controlled artists with a record label gold-star are behind us, so now you have to be prepared to mine the rough for the diamonds in your search for quality new music. One of the most recent jewels to be uncovered by the Perchard Mining & Refining Company was Róisín Tuohy’s EP “I Lie About My Age”.

After sifting through innumerable aimless, warbling melismas on SoundCloud, I stumbled across a rough demo of a song called “14” which totally captivated me.

Followed. Added. Subscribed. EP ordered.

I Lie About My Age

I find Róisín’s voice is full of contrast. It’s natural but not ordinary, heartsick but not glum. Although the four songs featured on this EP are your standard fare love/loss songs, there’s a sweet, abstract nature to her lyrics that makes them far from generic and thoroughly enjoyable.

According to the liner notes, this EP is the result of a musical partnership between Róisín and Lewis Rumney, an Edinburgh-based muso who handled all the recording, arranging and most of the instrumentation on the record – no small feat when singer Tuohy was half the world away living in Montreal during much of the recording process! I was lucky enough to catch the “I Lie About My Age” launch party in March this year and there’s no doubt that the duo work very well together. Rumney seems to ‘understand’ the songs where other musicians may simply ‘play’ them.

One thing about this record that I can’t help but find a little distracting is the juxtaposition between Tuohy’s honest vocal performance and the rigid, mechanical nature of some of the songs. Some suspect programmed percussion and piano parts jar with acoustic elements in a squabble for attention, but by-and-large the quality of the songs and the vitality of the performance kept me keen.

I understand that the casual listener may not fawn over sad songs as much as I do, but this record is a very rewarding listen that I thoroughly recommend.

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