FREE Home recording workshop: The Final Mix

Red Dog Music and Swanfield Studios are once again teaming up to present another fine evening of FREE home recording advice. This time, we’re focussing on what it takes to finish your mix.

The Final MixThere may be time in this session to look at some mixes brought along by anyone who attends this workshop. If you have a track that you are struggling to call finished, or that you think could do with a fresh set of ears (or twenty!) bring it along for analysis by the Swanfield staff and the rest of the group.

Please ensure that you bring a stereo aiff or wav file that has NOT been limited on the output. We will also accept “.logic” files with the audio folder presented on a usb flash/hd drive. Analysis time will be limited and tracks will be looked at on a first come, first served basis.

Sign up now! Spaces are limited to 50.


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Guy Perchard

Digital editor & recording specialist at Red Dog Music
As well as being the marketing man-about-town at Red Dog Music, Guy is a busy, award winning record producer and mixing engineer. He is also partial to a chorizo stromboli for elevenses.

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