What is your ultimate guitar? Answer to win!

***Note this competition has been extended until 5pm Monday 3rd June***

When you’re into guitars, there’s always something you’re after. Whether it’s something shiny and new, or something old and scruffy, there will always be an instrument after which you lust, your perfect, personal custom guitar.

What about the instruments that haven’t been made though? Does your perfect guitar exist? Have you ever found yourself thinking “well, I like the the comfort and style of a Strat body, but what if it had the scale length of a Les Paul, and had a humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck like a ’72 Custom Tele?”

Here is the place to dream, and then tell us about what makes your perfect, ultimate, custom guitar! What’s more, the best/most popular three dream guitar comments we get before 5pm on Monday 27th May will win! Yes, you can have an Epiphone accessory pack worth ยฃ19.99!

Could the Starplayer be the basis for your own custom guitar?

Custom guitar dreams…

As I’m writing this blog post, I get to go first:

Start with a Les Paul Standard Goldtop and then imagine this:

  • Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece replaced with a Wraparound bridge/tailpiece.
  • Add coil splitting to the humbuckers with push/pull volume pots, a push/pull on the neck tone pot to change the polarity, and a push/pull on the bridge tone pot to change the humbucker wiring from series to parallel. That should be a pretty versatile range of tones without having to add the extra switches as seen on the Jimmy Page #2 Les Paul.
  • Throw in nickel hardware (I think it looks nicer as it ages), Kluson Tulip tuners, Top Hat knobs, a lightback finish and a reasonably satin neck, and I think I’m just about there. A versatile and modern guitar with definite roots in the past!

Your dream custom guitar!

Over to all y’all and we look forward to seeing what you come up with! We’ll pick the three most interesting, entertaining and popular posts at 5pm on Monday 3rd June 2013, so get liking and tweeting and maybe, with enough popularity, the right person from the right guitar company seeing it, and a little sprinkling of fairy dust, your dreams might come true!
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Fynn Callum

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20 Responses to “What is your ultimate guitar? Answer to win!”

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  1. Ross Hanney says:

    give me it lol.

  2. Matt Durkin says:

    Fender Jaguar body but rear routed so it doesn't have a scratchplate. Mahogany body with a matt black finish. Flame maple Telecaster neck with rosewood fingerboard, graphtech TUSQ XL nut and Gotoh 510 locking tuners. Chrome Bare Knuckle humbucker in bridge position and a Fernandes sustainer FSK 101 in neck position. 3-way toggle switch and volume & tone knobs with chrome flat head knobs. Chrome Tune-O-Matic bridge and a built in Fuzz circuit!

  3. Ned Geddes says:

    Flame Maple Telecaster Neck with Quilted Maple Top on Ash Body; Tex Mex Triple Pick-Up array with 5-way switch; Bigsby Tremolo and 3 way compensated Wilkinson Brass Bridge and topped off with a cabronita style tortoiseshell scratchplate.

  4. sg body oiled mahogany carved top with a hot rails middle mini hum-bucker with locking nut and d-tuna, ebony fret board three position selector, standard tone and volume controls, no scratch plate, sentor folk machine heads, led fret inlays and jumbo scalloped frets ;).

  5. Lewis Harvey says:

    I'll keep it simple. 50s sunburst tele with forearm and body contours. Vintage oxidised relic hardware and a rosewood strat neck, with out lacquer. Mint green pick guard, and fender lace sensor blue pickup in bridge but classic fender tele neck pickup. Also push pull knobs and a tone and volume knob for each pickup (so four). A wee bit of Frusciante, Johnny greenwood. Don't forget (never mind that its impossible) a genuine Hendrix signature below the bridge.

  6. George Stott says:

    Well one guitar wouldn't cut it but a collection to aspire to would be Marty Stuarts, totally scary grouping. http://www.martystuart.com/ZArt-GuitarPlayer8-94.htm

  7. Karl Foster says:

    A 7-string Ibanez Iceman toting Jem 7-config triple p/us and Zero locking trem with thumb-nut adjustment, main volume knob in pinkie range, killswitch, my logo inset into an otherwise plain ebony fretboard, built-in radio transmitter, dual standard and balanced outs (to go with the balanced-input stack you're going to find me), straplocks as standard, tuner readout built into upper waist (like Ovation electro-acoustic), discreet piezo hexaphonic p/u beneath bridge with MIDI multiplexed into the radio signal, finished with a lurid green/teal HR Giger-design like the old limited-edition Iceman. Or just an Iommi SG would do. But right-handed, although I could invert a leftie for anti-Christ fretboard-inlay effect.

  8. Single bridge pickup un-chambered Les paul in white nitro finish, no beading, phase selector push-pull on the volume pot, extra wide range on the tone and a kill switch. Gun metal scratch plate, panels and hardware. Grover tuners, no fret markers. Good clean rock n' roll.

  9. A Gibson SG body made from mahogany, best in cherry red or ice blue, with a Fender strat head, with a rosewood fretboard with chrome tuning pegs and volume/tone knobs, the jack should be at the bottom of the guitar, and it should have a humbucker pickup and a split-coil pickup ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jaimie Alexander Patel says:

    Crap I'm 42 minutes late! But I want to share my thoughts anyway.
    Take an Ibanez RG. Keep the small radius neck, widen it to accomodate 8 strings. Kahler 8 tremolo. 2 active EMG 808's. Maple fretboard, Wenge/Mahogany/Wenge 3-piece neck for great sustain, 1 volume and mini-switch, no tone to run a hotter signal (none will be lost going through the tone switch if it's not there).

    Finishing? An oil-darkened mahogany body, no carved-top to look vulgar yet civilised ๐Ÿ™‚

    All-in-all, an 8-string metal machine, with a dark body, light neck, metal black hardware and reams of hot furious tone. My ideal axe ๐Ÿ™‚

    As I say 42 minutes late, could have really done with a strap/polish/stringwinder/epiphone t-shirt as I don't have those ๐Ÿ™ But I am glad to share my idea! Thanks!

  11. Jaimie Alexander Patel says:

    *bump* red dog just messaged me back saying the comp was extended anyway, hooray!!

  12. This guitar is so well thought-through, for the "16 year old" you've got so much sense mate!

  13. Gus Ironside says:

    Neck and batwing headstock from an Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe (ebony fretboard), Fender Jaguar body with 3 Burns Tri-Sonic pick-ups, Ocean Turquoise finish, Reverend bass contour control, Johnny Marr Jaguar vibrato bar.

  14. Flybaby Wendy says:

    I only have a Squire acoustic at the moment, but would just love to move up to an electric soon – which ought to impress the neighbours. I love the shape of the Fenders, would prefer a small neck as my fingers are rather squat, and I can see it in metallic blue and white, or perhaps white and black. Polished silver hardware would finish this perfectly. Don't know much about electric guitars so would leave to rest of my customisation to the experts at Red Dog.

  15. Really well-thought out metal guitar! BTW you aren't late, the competition was extended until today @ 5PM so dont worry ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Jaimie Alexander Patel says:

    ^ Turns out I wasnt late, as the date was extended from the 27th to today, yippee!

  17. Jaimie Alexander Patel says:

    ^ Turns out the entry got extended from the 27th to today, yippee I wasn't late! Good luck everyone!

  18. Andy Butcher says:

    I'm still looking for that special electric guitar, the one I want to go to all the time. The one that fits me like a glove and makes me happy every time I plug it in. It will have to be not too heavy so traditional Les Pauls are out. Critically it must stay in tune! A guitar that won't is a nightmare. I like 91/2 inch radius necks and a comfortable curve on the fretboard with medium jumbo frets or similar. I wear frets really quickly so they will have to be decent quality. I want to be able to get a variety of tones from it so coil split humbuckers for pickups. I don't want a tremolo on it. Fixed bridges are best. Get trem sounds from your fingers! A one trick pony is no good. If necessary I would like to be able to play a whole gig with one guitar. Price and where it's made won't matter. There are some badly made guitars coming out of America and some really well crafted guitars coming out of Korea and Indonesia and Japanese made guitars are usually good. A satin type finish on the neck is good. I like locking tuners. It must be out there somewhere so any suggestions? I've found my perfect electro acoustic……surprisingly after owning a Gibson Custom shop, Martins, Takamines a Faith and others….it's an Epiphone Masterbilt in a cutaway dreadnought shape in sunburst. I just love it and it sounds fabulous.


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