Fast Track Solo and Duo – Have Avid done their sums?

With the release of the new Fast Track Solo and Fast Track Duo USB audio interfaces from Avid, getting into the industry-standard world of Pro Tools has never been easier. Both of these interfaces include Pro Tools Express, your first step into a wider pro-audio world…

Pro Tools Express is a great way to get to grips with the DAW used in major studios the world over. With 16 tracks and the ability to record to 4 of those at once, 8 instrument and 16 MIDI tracks, 3 virtual instruments, and over 25 effects and plugins, you’ll have everything you need to make polished productions. Should you then find yourself behind the glass at Abbey Road, you’ll also know your way around the full version of Pro Tools.

Avid Fast Track Solo at Red Dog Music

Fast Track your way up the ladder

At some point however, you may wish to upgrade from Pro Tools Express to Pro Tools 11, now here is the thing. Have Avid made a careless error with their arithmetic? The full version of Pro Tools 11 costs £549. A Fast Track Solo with Pro Tools Express costs £139, and the crossgrade to Pro Tools 11 is £310. What do we get if we add those two values? I get £449. What do you get? A whole £100 cheaper than Pro Tools 11. So, do it this way and you save £100 and, in effect, get a free audio interface. Can’t be bad.

Avid Pro Tools 11 at Red Dog Music What about the Fast Track Duo? At £239 upgrading to the full Pro Tools 11 will cost the same, but, again, you’re one whole interface better off! And let’s not forget, both of these interfaces include an iLok 2 key to hold or your licenses, and that’s worth £39 itself! Goodness, what a slip up! It must be a sign that you are destined to produce sessions of up to 96 audio and 64 instrument tracks using over 75 included instrument and effects plugins.

Much like a sunny Sunday morning in Clapham starts with a walk across the finest Common in London, your production destiny starts with a Fast Track!



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  1. […] Both of these are pretty tidy interfaces, with good audio specifications at a competitive price, but it’s the inclusion of Pro Tools Express, the iLok 2 key and the plugin bundles that make this. If you want to get making music with software that would let you go into Abbey Road tomorrow and feel comfortable with their DAW, this is the way to go. With the crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11 available, these interfaces are your way into that industry standard (and at a bit of a discount, too!). […]

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