Avid Fast Track Solo vs Fast Track Duo

We’ve possibly (well, we have) said before that Avid Pro Tools is pretty much as industry standard as you can get in an industry. We’ve also said that the Fast Track Solo and Fast Track Duo represent the easiest way into this standard, both being bundled with Pro Tools Express. Which one is right for you though? It’s time for a features and specifications Fast Track Solo vs Fast Track Duo face off!

Fast Track Solo vs Duo Features

Both of these interfaces share some of the same key additions that actually make a difference to the bundle: the inclusion of Pro Tools Express and an iLok 2 key in the box. The interfaces feel pretty sturdy, with a metal chassis and with knobs that offer zero waggleness (technical pro-audio term) when you give them a test shoogle (ditto). When you register your copy of Pro Tools Express you can claim your free Moogerfooger and Eleven plugin bundles.

Both the Fast Track Solo and Fast Track Duo are 2-input, 2-output interfaces, so what are the differences? To start with, the Solo has only one microphone preamp, with two on the Duo. So, you can record a microphone and a direct guitar into the instrument input simultaneously with the Fast Track Solo, with the Fast Track Duo, you could mic up both for simultaneous recording.

The Fast Track Solo has its outputs on unbalanced phono connections, with connectivity on the Duo taken care of on balanced TRS 1/4 jacks. The Fast Track Duo also features inputs on the front panel on XLR/Combo connections, with a pair of 1/4″ TRS inputs on the rear, allowing you to connect a pair of line sources, perfect for recording synths in stereo or connecting additional outboard hardware.

Avid Fast Track Solo at Red Dog Music

Fast Track Solo vs Duo final thoughts

Both of these are pretty tidy interfaces, with good audio specifications at a competitive price, but it’s the inclusion of Pro Tools Express, the iLok 2 key and the plugin bundles that make this. If you want to get making music with software that would let you go into Abbey Road tomorrow and feel comfortable with their DAW, this is the way to go. With the crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11 available, these interfaces are your way into that industry standard (and at a bit of a discount, too!).

And of course, don’t forget, Avid are in the middle of a competition so, by picking up a Fast Track Solo or Duo soon, you can enter for a chance to win that crossgrade to Pro Tools 11! If you want to know how the Fast Track Solo, Fast Track Duo or Pro Tools can fit with your studio and recording aspirations, get in touch or pop in!


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