Free Roland Synthesiser [workshop]! Free samples though…

Sorry, that was perhaps a bit misleading. To make up for it, we have a wee gift for you: some FREE SAMPLES perhaps? Yes! Free samples to go along with our free Roland synth event: an evening with Gareth Bowen– keys player to the stars! Here, at Red Dog Music, 7pm on Thursday 27th June, Gareth, who has worked with artists including PJ Harvey and Tricky, will be showing you what some of Roland’s instruments can do.

Free samples!

To give you the briefest illustration of what some Roland keys can do, we’ve put together a free 67 Mb sample pack for you! Using preset acoustic and electric piano and string sounds from the Roland Jupiter 80, we’ve recorded a few chords using Ableton Live 9 and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, an interface of which we’re very fond.

Roland Jupiter at Red Dog Music- we've even got free samples for you!

We’ve recorded a range of some standard and more esoteric chords with roots of C and F, ready for you to throw into your sampler and mess with. Here’s a little something we quickly threw together using just 4 of the chords from the sample pack which we loaded into Ableton Live’s Simpler instrument, with  a bit of a rhythm accompaniment to keep things interesting.

Free samples to free wisdom

If you want to know more about how Roland instruments such as the Jupiter and Gaia can be perfect for the working keys player, remember to get registered for our evening with Gareth Bowen. The event is free, but you’ll need to get registered here as space is limited!
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