Roland TD-30K SE Special Edition V-Drums

We’ve talked about the similarities and differences between the Roland TD30K and TD30KV V-Drum kits in a previous post. In fact, that post quite often topped the search results if you wanted to know what those differences were! ) Now though, we need to add a new member to the TD30 family as we present: the Roland TD30K SE special edition V-Drums.

Roland TD-30KSE at Red Dog Music

The Roland TD-30KSE or TD-30K SE or TD-30K Special Edition or whatever you may wish to call it is a great piece of thinking from Roland! Many players, studio players in particular, loved the improved playing nuances of the VH-13-MG V-hi-hats in particular, but didn’t need the heavy-duty touring frame of the TD-30KV or the larger drum pads.

Now, with the TD-30K SE, you can get a great kit that fits between the TD-30K and TD-30KV, giving you the expressive nuances of the incredible VH-13-MG hi-hats, an uprated snare drum and an extra tom (the repurposed snare from the TD-30K kit) in a more compact footprint and easier to setup frame!

What’s the difference: TD-30K vs TD-30 K SE

Alright, this one should be easy, as the TD30K SE kit starts out as a TD-30K. Starting with a TD-30K in the box, the VH-11 hats are replaced with the VH-13-MG hats. A PD-128S-BC snare pad is added to the package, to give you the same snare-playing experience as you get with the TD-30KV. The existing PD-125 pad is still included in the pack, so that can be repurposed as another tom, giving you a 4th tom.

What’s the difference: TD-30KV vs TD-30K SE

So, what are the differences between the TD-30K SE and the TD-30KV? While they now share the same snare and hi-hats, the TD-30KV features bigger pads, and the heavier-duty MDS20X stand. Also, the clamps and fittings on the TD-30KV are aluminium and the kit and cymbals are silver, rather than the black of the TD30K SE.

TD-30K SE summary

All in all then, the Roland TD-30K SE fills a key position between the TD-30K and TD-30KV V-Drum kits. If you like the compact footprint of the TD-30K, but really would like that extra hi-hat expression from the TD-30KV, then the TD-30K SE is the kit for you!

The Roland TD-30K SE V-Drum kit at Red Dog Music

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    Roland TD-30K SE Special Edition V-Drums – The Red Dog Blog

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    Roland TD-30K SE Special Edition V-Drums – The Red Dog Blog

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