Elektron music making machines: step away from the computer!

Sometimes computers are great. For a relatively small outlay, you can have a complete recording studio in the corner of your dining room; you can have more studio power than The Beatles had on every album PUT TOGETHER! Sometimes of course, they crash and you want to throw them out of the window. If you’ve ever wanted a different way to make music, Elektron are there for you with the Monomachine, Machinedrum, Octatrack and Analog Four.

Elektron equipment at Red Dog Music

Seriously though, the computer-based recording setup has given nearly everyone the opportunity to try and produce their own records. And that’s great. For some people though, they can be a bit of an inspirational bottleneck. If you’ve spent all day sat at a computer at work, sitting in front of one after you’ve had your dinner programming notes into a piano roll with a mouse might not be the most creative of processes.

Could Elektron’s incredible range of music-making machines be the answer? Take a look at some of Dataline’s incredible videos:

Elektron just make some very, very nice gear. You can be up and running programming beats, sounds and patterns very quickly, but the amount of functionality means you can be discovering new things or ways to do them for a long time.

If you still like to produce using all that wonderful screen space and with a mouse and keyboard in your DAW, then you can always consider a hybrid approach: program sounds and sample them into your VST or AU drum machine, or create your loops in your hardware, and record them into your DAW for all the arrangement aspects of the production.

However you use your Elektron hardware, you can be sure you’ll find it inspiring! We have the whole foursome in stock here in our Edinburgh shop, so come in and take a look!


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  1. Siobhan Redmond says:

    I think that the major issue with DAWS and plugins nowadays is not the lack of choice that's affecting an individuals inspiration but the fact that there is too much of it!

    I read an article a while back that was written by Gary Numan who described the frustration he sometimes felt when sitting in his studio, working on a track when faced with a choice of a thousand kick samples to choose from alone.

    I'm of the opinion that solutions that combine hardware & software, like the Elektron, Virus TI or Integra – 7 with some kind of dedicated tactile control be it physical or a tablet based app combined with a decent MIDI controller are the way to go.

    Such systems are, to a large extent future proof as both firmware and software can be upgraded to take account of better functionality as well as extended sound libraries and they also negate the need to constantly upgrade the host computer that the DAW is running on as they operate outside of that system.


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