littleBits Korg synth kit: could this be the coolest thing, like, ever?

You may have heard of Korg. They make some very fine, and very fun, audio gear. Synthesisers in particular. They are also willing to experiment and take chances with their product range, and also seem keen to make music-making fun, and it might not get much more fun than the littleBits Korg synth kit!

littleBits Korg Synth Kit

From the Kaossilator, Monotron range, the new Volca series and a near identical reissue of their classic MS-20, Korg roll the dice and are generally hugely successful. You may not have heard of littleBits, but you’re probably going to wish that you had…

A really remarkably cool wee box of tricks, littleBits is a collection of electronic components that stick together via small magnets, letting you simply create all sorts of circuits quickly and simply. You don’t even have to have a soldering iron!

Where do Korg fit into all of this? Well, let’s think this through… we’ve got a company that makes synths, and a set of clip together bits and pieces of electronics. Can you see where this is going? Yup: clip-together modular synthesisers.


Announced at the Tokyo Maker Faire and discussed in Korg’s press release (in Japanese), and currently priced at 16,000 Yen (just over £100 currently) all of us here at Red Dog Towers are pretty excited about this.

The kit includes a range of modules: oscillators, an MS-20-style filter, keyboard, envelope generator, random (interrobang), sequencer, delay, mixer, splitter and speaker, but just think if you grabbed two boxes…

The littleBits Korg synth is due for release in Japan in the middle of December, and we expectantly await the announcement for the worldwide release dates and prices.

For something so small, these are going to be huge!

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