Great and affordable bass guitars? Vintage has you covered!

A bass guitar is a great thing to have around, and not just for bassists. Guitarists can benefit from the finger-stretching workout of low-end scale practice, and electronic musicians with a guitar background can jam out some sweet house basslines. Of course, if you just want a bass for casual use, you might not want to drop too much in the way of notes. Good job Vintage is in Red Dog Music with a selection of quality affordable bass guitars!

Vintage 950B- Affordable Bass Guitars at Red Dog Music

With our current range of the Vintage V1004, V1005 Tiger Eye and V950B, we’ve got a bass for everyone! From £199! From the glorious cherry sunburst finish of the V1004, the Tiger Eye quilt maple and 5-strings of the V1005 and the dense, woody low-end thanks to the bubinga body of the V950B, there are some great sounds and some great looks to be had from these affordable basses!

Quality, affordable bass guitars!

When we say ‘affordable’ we don’t mean ‘budget’! These are quality instruments that play and sound far better than instruments costing hundreds more! With Wilkinson hardware and active electronics, the Vintage range of basses is not short of tone!

Vintage V1005- Affordable Bass Guitars at Red Dog Music

Featuring a master volume knob and centre-detented controls for balance and the active bass and treble  controls, it’s quick and easy to dial in the sound you want, before you even touch your amp!

So, whether you’re just getting into bass, rediscovering it, looking to step up from an entry-level instrument, wanting a back up for the stage or more choice in the studio, you really should take a look at the Vintage V1004, V1005 and V950B. You should.



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