New Elektron Product – Analogue drum machine?

In our post announcing the Elektron Analog Keys we mentioned another product, hidden inside a perspex box, teasing us with its multi-coloured flashes. Now that box has been opened, and it looks like there might be a new Elektron drum machine…

New Elektron Machine- An Elektron analogue drum machine?

A new Elektron analogue drum machine?

We can but hope, but that’s certainly what this looks like:

With 12 illuminated pads, and all the hands-on knobby goodness of the rest of the Elektron range, this looks like it could be pretty exciting!

Little is known at this point, but we’ll keep ’em peeled and no doubt Elektron will give us the lowdown on the new Elektron machine at NAMM next week.

Stay tuned for updates!


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