Elektron Analog RYTM – Analogue drum machine with samples!

We’d been teased about this one a while ago to be fair, but we’ve finally been put out of our misery with the official announcement of the Elektron Analog RYTM! An 8-part Elektron analogue drum machine, with their famous sequencer, as well as 12 pads for real-time performance and sample capability? This could be something special…

Elektron Analog RYTM - elektron analogue drum machine

Elektron Analog RYTM- analogue drum machine

With the Machinedrum, Elektron gave us a drum computer of awesome power. With the Machinedrum UW, we got to add our own samples to it. With the Elektron Analog Four, we got analogue synthesis. Now, with the Elektron Analog RYTM, we combine the lot!

As Elektron put it:

“It is an eight voice analog drum machine with sample support. Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum pads coupled with Elektron sequencing.”

Sounds pretty good to us, anyway.

No announcement has yet been made regarding price, but being a premium product from Elektron, I think we can expect to see a price in the range of the rest of the Elektron Machines.

No, they aren’t cheap, but when you look at the price of some of the competitor’s of the Elektron Analog RYTM and things might start to look a little bit nicer…

The big thing with all these products is the Elektron sequencer. When you combine the power of the sequencer with Elektron features like parameter locks, coming up with patterns just seems like a completely natural experience; completely different to composing with a mouse pointer and piano roll.

With further details of the Roland Aira TR-08 due to be released soon, the first half of 2014 could be a good time for hardware drum machines.

Bring on the acid house revival!

Elektron Analog RYTM at NAMM with Future Music

It’s the NAMM show! Time for new products to be unwrapped and discussed. Thanks to Future Music we can now get a bit more up to speed on what the Elektron Analog RYTM can do and how it sounds:


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