17 annoying things you do that make your bandmates secretly hate you

1 – “That sounds great, but could you try playing this totally different thing?”

It’s not like they spent any time or effort coming up with something special, right? You’re just being honest. It totally sounds better your way, right?.. RIGHT?!

2 – “We’re not playing that set any more. We wrote new songs. Didn’t you get the email 2 hours ago?”

Everyone likes new songs, it keeps things fresh! Maybe just a little bit more notice next time, yeah? Maybe a band discussion about it? Possibly?

Bono is somewhat of an anomaly. His band mates seem to like him, it's just the rest of the world that hates him.

Bono is somewhat of an anomaly. His band mates seem to like him, it’s just the rest of the world that hates him.

3 – Turning your volume up a tiny bit after every song.

Yeah. We noticed you. Stop that. This is why you’re not allowed nice things.

4 – Never having cash when it’s time to pay for rehearsals.

Every single week? Are you kidding me? No, I don’t want all the loose change and fluff from your pockets. GIVE ME FOLDING MONEY.

5 – Turning up late. To everything. Every. Single. Time.

Do you have some sort of disease that makes it impossible for you turn up on time?
We even developed an elaborate system where we tell you a time 2 hours earlier than when we need to arrive. You’re STILL an hour late.

6 – “Do you have a lead / plectrum / stand / strap / guitar I could borrow? I forgot mine.”

Once? Fine. Fair enough, everyone’s been there.
Twice? No biggie, but sort yourself out, yeah?
Seventeen times? You do own a lead, right? It’s a pretty essential part of being in a band, you know? No, you can’t use the one that goes to my effects pedals. Why? Because GET YOUR OWN LEAD. That’s why.

7 – Replacing their takes once they’ve left the studio.

That’s fine, don’t worry. I didn’t want to be on this record anyway. It’s not like it’s been funded with band money I helped makeOH WAIT YES IT IS.

Don't worry. We'll just stand in complete silence while you figure out which pedal is making the weird hum. It's not like we're paying for rehearsal time or anything.

Don’t worry. We’ll just stand in complete silence while you figure out which pedal is making the weird hum. It’s not like we’re paying for rehearsal time or anything.

8 – Not responding to band communication, then complaining that you don’t know what’s going on.

Oh, you didn’t get the email about this new song? Oh, you got it, but you just didn’t read it? That’s fine, we’ll just spend an hour of paid rehearsal time for you to figure it out. Why is that vein popping out of my neck? Oh, no reason. No reason at all.

9 – Unplugging your equipment when it’s still plugged in to a PA at full volume.

Oh, no no, that’s fine. I didn’t need my hearing, anyway. Maybe you’d like to shove a corkscrew into my ear canal while you’re at it? Cheers, mate.

10 – Putting your drink anywhere near anyone’s equipment.

Yeah, sorry I kicked your pint over, mate. How stupid of me not to see it right beside my effects pedals at the opposite end of the stage to you. My fault entirely…

11 – Tuning at full volume.

You know how to turn on the mute mode on your tuner, right? Cool. Ever thought about actually doing it?

12 – Drinking 5 pints before you hit the stage.

Oh, you think you play better when you’re “well lubricated”, do you? You don’t.
You’re just too drunk to realise you’re out of time and playing in the wrong key.

13 – Playing while people are trying to communicate in rehearsals.

Don’t worry, I love hearing the solo to “Stairway…” when I’m trying to figure out a cool bass line for the song we’re actually playing. It’s not putting me off at all.

We're on stage in 5 minutes, guys. Has anyone seen Chris?... CHRIS?

We’re on stage in 5 minutes, guys. Has anyone seen Chris?… CHRIS?

14 – Changing parts of songs at the very last minute.

I don’t mind sticking a key-change in the last chorus, but to guarantee we all change to the same key why not tell us more than 90 seconds before we get on stage? Y’know… Just a thought.

15 – Insulting the sound guy.

So… You turned up late, drunk and with the wrong equipment… but it’s the sound guy’s fault you sound terrible? Right. Yeah. Calling them a jobs-worth isn’t going to help, either.  Keep quiet and let us do the talking, yeah?

16 – Insulting your audience.

“Thanks, you’ve been a terrible crowd” – Nice work. Do you think they would have been a terrible crowd if they’d been watching The Who?… or Bruce Springsteen?…
Or any pretty decent local band?

17 – Controlling everything. All the time. Always.

Okay, Putin. Is this a rock band or the Soviet Armed Forces?
Chillax, mate. I was just seeing if it sounded better on the hat or the ride.

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  1. Eliot Short says:

    Guilty as charged on the last one.

  2. Erwin Hoekstra says:


  3. haha, all geared toward guitarists.

  4. Love the so true Bono observation between 3 and 4

  5. Number 6 is me through and through… Especially when playing with Isaac Frankham…

  6. Michelle Garrett says:

    Yeah, I'm 4, 5 & 8. Oops. Sorry people's.

  7. Dan Johnson says:

    Not guilty. Except maybe a bit of No.1, and perhaps a lot of No.17. But I AM right dammit, now do what you're effin told, and we might get somewhere. Ok. Totally Putin.

  8. I've been on the receiving end of #6. FUck.

  9. Sean Welch says:

    There are a few of these that if they apply to you, you shouldn't be allowed to play music with other people.

  10. I've genuinely had "Sorry to bother you, can I use your amp because I forgot mine?" Bearing in mind that I use a 3.5k Mesa/Boogie half stack.
    I don't mind if you're a mate… And you don't ask me 6 minutes before you play.
    (I realise that this has nothing to do with other band members, but other bands at gigs)

  11. Ray Hughes says:

    i've had someone ask to borrow my amp head at a show as they didn't like their own amp head as it want valve, as i was packing away they were the next act on.

  12. Daniel Howe says:

    How annoying is that. and then you have to agree. or you look like a massive cock

  13. Daniel Howe – Exactly how I feel. You're always in danger of looking like an unfriendly, stingy arsehole, but the truth is that if something gets broken, who's going to want to shell out thousands of pounds if needed?

  14. Daniel Howe says:

    exactly, I don't wanna have to pay out loads of money to re tube my Head if someone blows it

  15. its worse when kit share is organised like a day before the gig and you HAVE to bring your gear or otherwise no one else can perform >.<

  16. Matt Smith says:

    #18 (kind of an extension to 13) playing during sound check whilst someone else is being checked. SHUT UP FOR 30 FUCKING SECONDS! Guitarists…

  17. Caffrey Saurus Rex says:


  18. Lee Terry says:

    I carry a cheap spare head for just that sort of occasion. Our guitarist doesn't like anyone else using his Marshall.

  19. Lee Terry Rightly so, heads are expensive bits of kit! Cabs I'm happy to share with anybody

  20. Barry Gibson says:

    13 Kyle McAulay lol

  21. Kurt Klassen says:

    Screw that! I would never… ever… let another band use my amp head. Don't have one of your own? Tough shit… my band will play 2 sets then.

  22. Clay Smith says:

    As a bass player, my response is "You can use my DI"

  23. Anonymous says:

    Guitar and bass player guilty of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13. Then accuse me of being guilty of 17 when I tell them smoking weed is maybe a bad thing.

  24. I might as well just say fuck you, mate. Enjoyed the post until you started to talk shit about Russia.

  25. Gregory Young says:

    Bass player would put his beer on his amp. Beer falls, spills, and glass breaks. He gets another beer and puts it on his amp…

  26. Gregory Young says:

    I've never met someone who tunes at full volume and stays in tune.

  27. Hk Hilner says:

    You can also add: "My girlfriend thinks we should change some of our song arrangements……My girlfriend thinks we can improve our stage presence…….My girlfriend thinks we should wear different outfits on stage…..My girlfriend listen to our demo and……etc etc etc"

  28. Alex TheLion Harris Honestly, if I'm sticking around, I'm more than happy, I love sharing my gear, if only to hear it in action from an outside perspective.

  29. Everything that's posted here were definitely true. Especially the 1,4,610. Those really happened to me everytime, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways

  30. Stop being so god damn touchy. Russia sucks.

  31. Rob Pattinson says:

    Innocent face

  32. I really could not care less about how I would look if someone wanted to borrow my rig and I said no (which I would deny, actually). It is MY SOUND and I have spent thousands of euros on it. And, mind you, drummers are the ones that never shut up during sound checks!

  33. Daniel Howe That's because people who can't share ARE massive cocks.

  34. The absolute WORST is asking me if you can go take a 'pee' just as we are going back on stage. Why wasn't that important any other time on our 30 minute break? And like I'm the teacher and you are putting your hand up for an excuse? Be an adult and do you business BEFORE stage call. The WORST I tells ya.

  35. Most bassists KNOW that their rig vibrates too much to be a drink stand. Your buddy must be quite thick.

  36. Matt Yantha says:

    I had a drummer once that got pissed at me. I said "can you PLEASE keep time!". His response was "I'm too busy drumming to keep time!". The sad thing is, that is word for word what happened.

  37. Keith Laurie says:

    Players who must noodle a phrase from the upcoming tune, negating any possible element of surprise for the audience…..

  38. Not necessarily something that bothers me , but I marvel at how most singers don't even own a microphone , yet most players spend countless thousands of dollars on gear throughout their life.

  39. Chris Valerio says:

    Fuck you and all your Godless comrades

  40. Nero De Sade says:

    Sounds more like "A list of things idiots that think they're in good bands do"

  41. Russell Edward Williams says:

    I like lifting 10 songs(no charts) and never playing them.

  42. Rob Romano says:

    #13: Always. Someone screwed up the bridge – you're trying to figure out the progression and that's when the guitar player decides to practice the Overture from 2112.

  43. Anonymous says:

    He didn't talk shit about Russia, he talked shit about Putin. Big difference. Plenty of people love Russia but think Putin's a dictator with no regard for human rights, that's risking world peace to satisfy his own megalomania.

  44. John Beckozz says:

    Yoko Ono! 😉

  45. I fall for 9 sometimes. Once in a while, 8. But I don't sit there Fing with it. If I can find out in ten seconds, I move on. .. and tap cables with my foot during songs to find out what's what.

    We never ever have a problem with sharing.. but we organize this in group facebook chats that involve EVERY band member weeks before the show. It kind of makes friendships anyway.

    But yeah, 9. When I accidentally forget to pay attention and "POP,all I can do is jump up to the Mic and yell "BANG! are you all ready now?!?!"*

    P.s. drummers play more often during things going on than anyone. I've been guilty as a drummer.

    Abd dude , stairway? Blech

    Oh yeah, and I like tuning with some volume. I'm a finger picker and hammer with my hands and thumbs. I slap hard. Tuning to a chromatic tuber can actually make me play "out of tune" with my style. So *raspberry*,

  46. *drummers*
    Wait, playing during sound checks are how you measure levels…

  47. Matt Smith says:

    Brandon Fratini yeah, one at a time!

  48. Maria Reininger says:


  49. When I'm running sound, I like when everyone is playing . I ask them to give me their loudest and mix it from there… No more sound issues

  50. Fuck Russia. Stop invading people everytime you have money, and stop mugging and choking out people's favorite front men. Now Scott Lucas, my rock icon from Local H can barely sing.

  51. Eddie Croco says:

    Hahahahaha!! Great post!

  52. Eddie Croco says:

    Where is "Being a whiny bitch when its time to man up" lol

  53. *constantly turning your back on the crowd to play for your drummer*

    Dude, the drummer ain't payin to see you. Tell the innocent bystanders how much you love them.. and thank them.

    And if you're on a big.stage, get on the floor. Roll around. Music is meant to be all-inclusive. Shared

  54. Chad Blakney says:

    How many guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one but the whole WORLD has to revolve around them!!!

  55. Chad Blakney says:

    Just kidding no one was hurt in the making of the joke……

  56. Sharif Jameel says:

    That's what some folks call a guitar cable…

  57. Now I know how to talk to my favorite band from the UK! (DRENGE)
    I've mistakenly brought less cables than I needed, thinking.I brought more than I needed

  58. I thought you meant how many effects pedals do I have as buying them is a "guilty pleasure." The answer is seven. Annoying things? I haven't made a mistake in a LONG time.

  59. John Krüger says:

    I know we paid a photographer to shoot the CD cover but my girlfriend did art for 2 weeks at Uni, so we've already sent her drawing of a butterfly off to the printers. I suppose I should have told you all…

  60. Steven Morris They certainly don't move equipment either.

  61. Gary Newton says:

    John Beckozz That should enter the official musician's lexicon: "Doin a Yoko"!

  62. Art Partida says:

    My band opened for Fishbone and Eek a Mouse at the Galaxy in Orange County and the Edk a Mouse guitar player had the nerve to ask the sound man to ask me to use my guitar rig. At the time was I using a killer Peavey 5150 stereo rig. Told the sound guy to tell the Eek a Mouse guitar player to piss off because he didn't have the BALLS to ask me himself.

  63. Khan Flo Mah says:

    Cut the Yokohama ono crape. Paul's wife was on tracks..played…was a member of wings…and Paul..even when John was dead..wouldn't play with the remaining three and Julian. Never played with yokos son either …yet played with Michael Jackson. Yokohama had zero to do with the Beatles breaking up. Paul mccartney did many of the things on this list. Recorded many songs without any of the others. And removed people off tracks.

  64. Jake Mounsher You're obviously the one who asks. There's a fine line between sharing and lending strangers bits of gear that cost maybe thousands of pounds, just because they're so incompetent, they can't manage their own. I'm all for helping somebody out (Cabs and sometimes guitars if they break a string on stage and need saving) but would a mechanic turn up without their tools?

  65. Khan Flo Mah says:

    There is also…play it this way..play it that way….instead of staying on your own instrument. Also wanting to play covers EXACTLY as the record. That's karaoke. And…practicing to death till its just like the record…for 4 or 5 hours evvery weekend for months…for a gig not paying 200 bucks!

  66. Khan Flo Mah says:

    Let me add…oh..we are gonna replace you with another singer..and here she is…ive had members bring in singers without talking about it with the band. Or saying…you're not good enough to do this or that! There is ALWAYS better. So shut up talking about whose better and who should be called in. Picture if the stones were about the best player..Nd not the player for the sound you're looking to have. Also..relax. let the sound grow. Ringo was not ans is not a strong drummer. But he was picked over others.

  67. Khan Flo Mah says:

    Drummers!!!!! AND guitarists!!!!!

  68. Khan Flo Mah says:

    Are u serious Bro? You're THAT up tight about time walking on a stage? What's that? 6 minutes?

  69. Khan Flo Mah says:

    People who crape on about drummers that speed up? You cant find a single drummer from ore drum machine years…that the actual recording is tempo perfect…I KNOW this from opening them in recording programs. NONE are the same..big CLASSIC songs. Si shut up. The audience ain't hearing that. Worried about chord structured and crape like that playing free bird??? Or some pop record?! Just shut up Nd play the song. People just want to hear the song and have a nice time. They are not hearing if you used a 2nd position on that g7th. Oh gees I'm getting a headache just typing this. Overthinking…overthinking everyone else…and what they are doing.LISTEN….THERR IS ALWAYS PEOPLE WHO WONT LIKE YOU…nd people who will. Don't you know famous bands you hate? Well then. Are they changing for you? How about talking about what the audience wants and you're not in front of one.

  70. Jade O'Donohue says:


  71. Dustin Weddle First of all, thanks for being more polite about saying so than Jake here 😛 I'm not saying that I don't admire your attitude towards lending people your gear, I think that's cool, but it's down to whether or not you've had past experiences with people fucking with your gear and also how much you've invested in it 🙂 I used to lend out my Line 6 and Marshall combos all the time. Good luck with your music career and I hope your gear stays safe.

  72. Mike Labrador says:

    Khan Flo Mah – Calm down.

  73. Christian Rico says:

    Definitely guilty of 3, 8, 11 and 17
    though, in my defense, I only get like 17 when band mates either get too… Indecisive, and no one wants to hurt anyone else's feelings. Sooo… I guess I'm a necessary asshole.

    Or. I'm justifying.
    Probably justifying.

  74. Alison King says:

    Also, I don't need to be told anything 5 times, once is enough, and if I don't seem to be getting it, then fine, tell me again. But at least wait until you know. I hate medleys, especially when you put one or two in every set… and wait… there's PAID rehearsal time? I want to be in THAT band! 😉 Thanks for this post, it's great.

  75. Alison King says:

    Any liquid on top of any electronic gear is just a disaster waiting to happen. Bad form, I say…

  76. Alison King says:

    Matt Yantha , I'll even tell the drummer to just stay with me, I'll keep us in time, but nope, some just won't do that.

  77. My favorite was when glenn would try out new effects for the first time…. at a gig… on stage. ..

  78. Sarah Cleary says:

    OMG, 13, 13, 13….

  79. Thomas Bauer says:

    Exactly! your girlfriend isn't in the band and therefore has zero say in how we play our music! Totally hate that. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

  80. John Beckozz says:

    @Khan Flo Mah then we will call it doing Paul's wife 😉

  81. John Beckozz says:

    Then again Paul's wife was on tracks..played…was a member of wings?! At least she had some talent 😉

  82. James Asher says:

    Actually, these people PAY for their rehearsal halls.. This is the way it goes in major metropolitan areas.

  83. John Beckozz says:

    I was doing sound one night when the guitarist would not turn down even after I asked him several times to, not during sound check, not when the band started their set, the singer after the first song asked if I could turn down guitar, I told him I had already taken it out of the mix and he was just that loud on stage, the singer went over to the guitarist and unplugged his head, thats when the fist fight started, made for a good show, not good for the band or their music but entertaining none the less 😉

  84. Paul Gitlitz says:

    The thing that got me fired from a band was giving postmortems s soon as we left the stage. Everything went pretty well, but I made mental notes of detail we could improve and wanted to share them before I forgot them all. No one wanted to hear my laundry list of things we could "improve" when they were feeling high from a good gig. Imagine that.

  85. Steven Logan says:

    I actually heard a keyboard player use a horn section sound where a B3 should have been. When I asked why, he just said that jazz players don't worry about which sound to use. WTF? Then join a jazz band!

  86. Tony Rock says:

    # 13 !!!!!! LOL !!!

  87. Jody Mueller says:

    The sad part is this list could be a LOT longer!

  88. Karen Shepard says:

    The SwirlyGig drink holder works like a champ. I use a boom mic stand and the base is to the side so no spills on the stuff at my feet. THEN I velcro the base of the stand to the side of my keyboard…In case of earthquake or drunk falling upon the stage.

  89. Karen Shepard says:

    Keith Laurie — especially noodling "Happy Birthday" before the cake comes out for the surprise party at the bar. C'mon…..

  90. Gary Newton says:

    Khan Flo Mah : I think Oh no Yoko had plenty to do with the discord in the Beatles last days as a band. If nothing else, distracting John from making good music…classic music…timeless music. The howling screech owl could hardly be called a singer. But you do have a point that it seems with time Paul got a little full of himself. But no sane person can deny the genius that resulted from the chemistry of all the beatles together…no yoko of you please.

  91. Rusty Cavender says:

    Out of the blue, at that exact moment no one's expecting it, the drummer hits their once, as hard as they can. Every single practice, and every show.

  92. Mike McHugh says:

    Steven Morris, and they think they are the band and don't need everyone else who actually plays an instrument.

  93. Michael DeMeritt says:

    skb x-racks. never lost a drink.

  94. Gary Newton Oh poor John, too bad he didn't have the free will to break away from the mighty ono..

  95. Karen Shepard I riveted a bicycle drink holder to my boom stand – works great!

  96. Gary Newton says:

    Ian Kilpatrick : you do have a point. John did try, goin to LA with May Pang, but in the end of that he really was too weak to stand up to her. By that time, she owned him.

  97. Kes Scudday says:

    ha, # 15 is so wrong but far too common place. P.S. you thinks its bad as a dude try being the sound chick

  98. Unless she is blowing everyone in the BAND…STFU…

  99. Peter Buchta says:

    John Beckozz I was thinking the same thing!

  100. Robin Yukiko says:

    I dunno, my husband has had some pretty good insights about bands I've been in. Sometimes you need an outside opinion.

  101. Robin Yukiko says:

    Roger Lee Trent You are a pig. Sorry.

  102. Mike Contreras says:

    Yoko Ono is Awesome and has dozens of killer pre-hipster avant garde songs. She's a part of Beatle history and was a respected artist before John met her. Revolution 9 on the White Album is better than anything you arseholes could make up on your modern day computers. She was the first to sample sounds, predating hip-hop.

  103. Are they talking, bout the band mates, or the wife, or girlfriend?

  104. Numbers 5, 8 12, 13, especially! Everyone should read #5 TWICE.

  105. Things always get broken when you lend stuff. Never EVER lend anyone any of your gear… EVER!!

  106. Jack Kulp says:

    There's just WAY too many additional things. Insists on taking a vocal line that's loud, in unison, and just flat enough to make your eyes bleed. Between songs, waits until the vocalist is just about to say something and blasts a chord. The drummer that NEVER stops playing! Asks for the preparation of a set list, then says they don't like it minutes before you get on stage. Uses every excuse under the sun for their poor performance. Never learns the music before practice. Makes the same mistakes at the same point in the song EVERY time you play it. I think Hk Hilner's post REALLY nails it! No play, no say!

  107. Jack Kulp says:

    Forgot one. Completely stops playing in the middle of a song to make several minute adjustments that make virtually no difference in the sound!

  108. Know I know how you really feel about me … Lol

  109. Jack Kulp says:

    LeRoy Buddy Musselman, you just do it to bust my chops! 🙂

  110. You should add "Not helping with setup and tear down." I currently work in a band with two girls in it who can't be bothered to lift a finger. Never again.

  111. Spook Paul says:

    How about when the band agrees on a song, goes away and takes the time to learn it, then (Usually) the guitarist shows up at rehearsal and says "I don't really like that song, so I haven't learned it"

  112. Never, EVER, piss off the sound guy.

  113. Alison King says:

    Yeah, Steven Logan, but I bet the jazz players would care…

  114. Kimari Raven says:

    Awesome! Hopefully I'm not guilty of many of these haha! X

  115. Alex TheLion Harris I've been both the giver and the receiver. I like to think maybe people could be more encouraging of respect when it comes to the property of others, especially when said others have been kind enough to share with you. This in the spirit of music. It seems a shame to reach the conclusion that one shouldn't share because some people aren't adequately respectful of your things. I've only had to borrow on a handful of occasions but when I have the guys whose equipment I borrowed saved my night. I gave them my gratitude and maybe a beer but also massive respect for being considerate people. Qualities I'd say were befitting of someone hoping to make it in the music industry 🙂

  116. Paul Karjian says:

    Mike Contreras wow she was able to do all of that and still sound bloody awful. Thats not talent man, that's a waste of time

  117. Hk Hilner says:

    Yoko Ono Screaming at Art Show! (Original): http://youtu.be/HdZ9weP5i68

  118. It's always guitarists! I love it when you ask them to be quiet for a minute so you can finish tuning or whatever, they apologise, stop playing for about, oooh, 6 seconds, then absent-mindedly start playing again. They can't help themselves.

  119. Tim Searles says:

    I can't believe this didn't make the list: Know what "practice" at home, "rehearse" with a band and "gig" on a stage, means

  120. Anonymous says:

    #9,for sure…yeah,I know,you're a professional,you've been doing this a long time…but if you unplug your guitar from a hot P.A,without muting the channel first,I'm going to kick you right in the balls…

  121. Jason Thomas says:

    Every good bassist knows you put your beer near the kick drum.

  122. Rob Romano says:

    Playing a festival job. Had my keys set up on stage. Watch as a bass player from another band uses the 3.5 inch disk tray built in to the top of my board as an ashtray. Can't understand why I'm about to beat his dumbass into the ground.

  123. Rob Romano says:

    #15: When I've been on the other side of the mixing console. Show up two hours prior to the show to sound check. Band is either nowhere to be found or "drinkin' a few" at the bar. Five minutes before the show they now want to do a sound check. Ask the five vocalists to check their mics by singing a line from a song THEY'RE ABOUT TO SING to properly set their levels but all I get is "test-test-testicles". Then, after a two minute jam of material they aren't going to play, they're bored. They take a 15 minute break to mingle with their awesome fans. The start the show by turning up the stage volume to the point that they're nearly overpowering the front end. "Hey! I can't hear my monitor! And why is there feedback? And a hum?"

  124. Mick Kee says:

    Number 7. If you don't practice hard enough and can't get the job done, don't complain when someone else does it for you. It's about getting the best takes so you will have the best product for the fans, not about the persons ego. And yes they should still pay their share, it's not the rest of the bands fault that someone couldn't deliver so why should they have to pay. If this has happened to you, spend less time complaining and more time practicing because it was your fault.

  125. usually my singer… or any band member will walk by my guitar amp and pedals and stomp all over the cables.

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