Amon Tobin studio interview

AmonTobinAnyone who loves electronic music will be familiar with the work of Amon Tobin. Since his first album – Adventures in Foam – was released in 1996, he has consistently pushed the bar when it comes to glitchy, sample-heavy, epic, futuristic Electronica.

Beatport recently managed to convince him to let them into his studio for an interview (no mean feat – he’s notoriously reserved). In the interview, he discusses his ground-breaking ISAM live show, his Two Fingers side project, the joys of recording leaves and cutlery, and even offers advice to budding producers, all whilst managing to smoke several cigarettes.

We also get a tantalising glimpse of the gear he uses, including a Moog Voyager, a Continuum keyboard, and some Chandler outboard.

Check it out below:


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  1. Caroline Scott says:

    Nice interview, thanks!

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