Incredible deals on Roland synths and keys!

Just in case you didn’t know, we have a fabulous Roland Planet, where you can get your hands on pretty much any Roland product, play it, hear it and ask esoteric questions about it to our superbly highly-trained Roland Planet guru: Dave. Demos and product expertise are great, but what if you want great keys and synth deals? No problem. We’ve got those too.

Keys and synth deals: Roland RG1F at Red Dog Music

Incredible prices! Synths! Keys!

We’re getting in a new range of demo stock for you to try, so there are incredible savings to be had on our current ex-demo (but still with our warranty!) Roland synthesisers and keyboards! Please excuse the vast numbers of exclamation marks, but when you say what we’ve got to shout about, we’re sure you’ll forgive us:

Roland Gaia synth deal: £399! A three-engine virtual analogue synth with quick and easy front-panel knob and slider editing, at this price? Yup.

Roland RP301 Rosewood digital piano deal: just £895 for this stunning upright home piano.

Film or media composer? Or just anyone who wants an incredible collection of realistic sounds and powerful effects in their studio or live rig? Try the stellar Roland Integra for only £999!

Roland Jupiter 50 deal at Red Dog MusicOne more example for you: what about the Roland Jupiter 50 for just £1150? Pretty tough to beat, eh?

Sound savings

We could keep listing items, but we’re sure you’ve got the idea. So why are you still on this page? You’ll no doubt rather be here. Better be quick though, they won’t hang around for long at this price!

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