Orbital and the Novation Bass Station II

To anyone interested in synthesisers, the name Orbital shouldn’t need much in the way of introduction. With their history of success, you’d think they might be quite happy with all the gear they have at their disposal. There’s still room for a Novation Bass Station II though…

The Novation Bass Station II with Orbital's Paul Hartnoll

For basslines, as well as leads, it seems that Paul Hartnoll has been turning to his Novation Bass Station II before firing up his vintage modulars! And that’s saying something. Thousands of pounds worth of modular synth sound possibility, but the incredible sound (and incredible value!) of the analogue Bass Station II gets the job done!

The Novation Bass Station II really does make some hugely impressive sounds. From subby, floor shaking basses (smooth and deep or as wobble-filled as you want), to leads that can go from smooth and creamy to ear-bleedingly head turning, the Bass Station II can do them all!

Want chords? Why not fire up your DAW, get some notes recorded and into your sampler and play as many notes as you need!

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