Prism Sound Titan, Lyra 2 and iZotope

The Prism Sound Titan is, well, a Titan amongst audio interfaces. With some hugely impressive specifications, it’s going to be at the top (of Mount Othrys!) for a while. Well, at least until they release the Olympian…

Prism Sound Titan Interface at red Dog Music

The Prism Sound Lyra 1 and Lyra 2 are the perfect product for those who want the sound quality for which Prism Sound is famous, but don’t need the features offered by the larger Titan and Orpheus interfaces.

To sum up then, each member of the entire Prism Sound family is a seriously impressive piece of audio interface technology.

Prism Sound performance

With their history as a consultancy in digital audio research and design, it’s hardly surprising that Prism Sound know their digital audio.

Prism Sound’s technology can be found in studios around the world and the technology in some of their converters is, if you’re big into your tech specs, is pretty special!

With the quality of the preamps and inputs and the acclaimed conversion, you don’t have to worry about getting pristine sound into your DAW, but how do you turn those multitrack recordings into a finished record.

With the great range of products from iZotope!

iZotope Studio Bundle at Red Dog MusicMixing and mastering with iZotope

With the reputation that iZotope have built in a relatively short time, they’re sure to have a long and prosperous (half) life. Nectar, Alloy, Ozone, RX, their MBIT+ dithering algorithm… iZotope make just the thing to get your mix polished, buffed and shined.

And for those of you who haven’t seen it already, they also produced a great guide to mixing!

Once you’ve got your tracks recorded, you’re going to want to get mixing; Alloy 2 is just the right software to have on your computer to do just that. Got a vocal track in there? Make it perfect with Nectar 2. Got the mix sounding spot-on? Time to add that last bit of sparkle using the Ozone 5 complete mastering solution.

A great iZotope offer from Prism Sound

If you’ve been thinking about putting the professional quality of a Prism Sound Titan or Lyra 2 in your studio, there has never been a better time. For a limited time, purchase a Prism Sound Titan interface and they’ll include the iZotope Studio bundle – Alloy 2, Nectar 2 and Ozone 5 – for free! That’s a saving of £365!

If you purchase a Lyra 2, you can choose your free product from Alloy 2, Nectar 2 and Ozone 5.

With this amazing iZotope offer from Prism Sound, you can get your audio in and out like a pro, and get it sounding pro!

Prism Sound Titan and Lyra 2 - Online Finance at Red Dog Music

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