Apogee Duet – great interface, great deal!

Apogee Duet, sE Magneto and Waves Renaissance Reverb bundle at Red Dog Music

If you have a Mac or iOS device and you’re looking for a supreme quality interface, the Apogee Duet has to be on your list.

The Sound on Sound review of the Apogee Duet 2 perhaps said it best with their conclusion “…perhaps the ultimate portable two-in/four-out USB audio interface for the Mac-based musician.”

Apogee took the Duet 2, gave it iOS compatibility and here we are, with the Apogee Duet for iOS and Mac, a superb audio interface with pristine conversion and transparent inputs, and the their pro-studio reputation.

The Apogee Duet is a great choice of interface for those who don’t need huge lots of inputs and outputs, but who want to record with professional recording studio quality. If you’ve got a Duet, your interface won’t be the weakest link in your recording and monitoring chain.

If you’re just putting together your studio, moving to a Mac, or ready to step up from your current interface, now is the time!

For a limited time only, for the same £499 price as a Duet, you can pick up the Apogee Duet, the wondrously over-performing sE Magneto condenser microphone and the Waves Renaissance Reverb plugin in one stunning bundle!

Apogee DuetApogee Duet, sE Magneto and Waves Renaissance Reverb power!

Okay, so, we’ve already mentioned how good the Duet is, we can probably leave that for now. The sE Magneto might only cost £79, but what a performer; something to which its reviews will attest. Like this one from Music Tech.

That’s got you covered from source into your DAW, time to mix. Unless you were recording in Abbey Road’s studio 2, you’ve probably recorded fairly dry to minimise the room sound, maybe you had the old duvet behind the source with Reflexion Filter behind the mic setup.

Anyway, you’re going to want to add some reverb at the mix, what better way than with a plugin from the plugins the pros use? What about Waves Renaissance Reverb? Again, the comment from the Sound on Sound review was quite unequivocal: “…knocks spots off most native reverbs…”

On their own, the Duet, Magneto and Renaissance Reverb are pretty special, but grabbing the whole caboodle for £499 is a great way to take your studio to the next level.

A pretty special deal for a pretty special triumvirate of products.

The Apogee Duet for iOS and Mac bundle is available now, but only while existing stocks last! This bundle is eligible for a range of instant online finance options over 12, 24 or 36 months.

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