The Novation Launch Control XL – style and substance

The Novation Launch Control XL is a product that really helps to fill a gap in the putting together your bespoke MIDI controller setup market. Sure, there are a lot of do 3/4 of what you need controllers that you can hook-up via one USB cable, but do you only want to be able do 3/4 and compromise on the rest? Of course you don’t.

That’s why a combination of controllers is the way that a lot of producers and artists choose to work. Drum pads, knobs, clip-launch pads, faders, keys – many or few, with a couple of choice purchases, you can come up with the control surface that’s right for you.

So how does the Novation Launch Control XL fit into all of this?

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Prepare for Launch

So, with that question in mind, just what can you do with a Novation Launch Control XL?

A lot of the time, manufacturers present us all with impeccably produced videos, showing their latest darling in a beautifully-styled – yet also wonderfully minimalist – environment, and show someone tweaking knobs, hitting some buttons and artistically adjusting their tie. All good stuff.

Novation Launch Control XL at Red Dog MusicBut what if you want to know how to use it?

What about the walk-through video that shows how this awe-inspiring new piece of musical technology was actually involved in the process? Then a big thanks to Novation.

When you take a visit to the Launch Control XL page, you can start with the flashy performance videos, but then click on to reveal some insights into how this was done.

And if you want to recapitulate that Ill Factor performance, you can even get your hands on the Live set!

For many of you, this might be all you need to get up and running after plugging your Launch Control XL in…

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