Gig review: Sleaford Mods @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh


For a band I hadn’t even heard of the day before, I was genuinely surprised by the attendance. Electric Circus was filled to capacity with middle-aged, working men. Not a massive surprise for Edinburgh on Saturday night, you might think… but these weren’t 40-year-old dudes uncomfortably waiting for guitar solos or a pretty singer to ogle, but rather fully engaged, excited, passionate folk who knew every word, and cheered with fierce anticipation at the first beat of every new song.

The performance was more vicious and raw than a quick trawl of their YouTube videos suggested, with vocalist Jason Williamson suffering and benefiting in equal measure from a hoarse, strained voice gained through the tour. Partner-in-crime Andrew Fearn dispenses with all the faux-show-boating of celebrity DJs by simply pressing ‘play’ on his laptop, standing back, drinking a pint, and enjoying the vibe from the room.

I’ll be the first to admit that – musically – this isn’t really my thing, but I left totally impressed by their performance and fans. It’s hard to knock anything where you see something new, something exciting, and someone give absolutely everything they have. Sleaford Mods deliver a fresh, dirty slab of “working class rage”, honest punk poetry over simple, sinister beats.

Check out “Tied Up In Nottz” from their new record “Divide and Exit”
WARNING: Swears. Lots of swears.

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