The Boss RC-1 – The latest looper is almost here!

If you want to get creative, build some soundscapes, fill out your live sound or simply lay down some chords to practise over, Boss has the looper for you. Now, with the Boss RC-1, they have another…

Boss RC-1 Looper at Red Dog Music

The Boss RC-1 Looper

Back in the day, I was an early adopter of the Boss RC-20. My acoustic guitar was plugged in to the instrument input, and my cajon was mic’ed with a Shure SM57 connected to the mic input. In an acoustic band with only one guitar and no percussionist, this setup was great for building up a few layers and providing a bit of backing for solo sections.

When you follow that ground-breaking pedal up with the RC-30, RC-300RC-3 and RC-505, the range became pretty comprehensive. But it’s amount of functionality they’ve packed into the Boss RC-1 pedal for only £79 that has caused some pretty impressed murmurs…

The Boss RC-1 is perhaps the perfect pedalboard looper for the player who doesn’t require plenty of different loops at their feet to form the foundation of each song, but who wants to take advantage of sound-on-sound functionality for jamming out ideas, practice, or for those special moments on stage.

With 12 minutes of stereo recording time, stereo inputs and outputs, the option to add to the control by adding an external footswitch, and a really easy get-to-grips with control system. The Boss RC-1 is going to be a huge hit.

So huge in fact, that initial stock of the RC-1 is likely to be limited. Our first batch should be arriving in the next few days, so make sure and get in early!

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