Everything you need to know about the new Roland JD-Xi


Since Daisuke Asakura leaked an image of the Roland JD-Xi in the dying hours of 2014, we’ve collated all the information, rumours and speculation on this new synth in one place:

  • Expected to be announced on 22nd January at NAMM 2015.
  • Vocoder with integrated VT3 vocal processing.
  • Replacement for the Roland GAIA SH01
  • Expected to compete on price/features with MicroKORG¬†series and Novation UltraNova.
  • Possibly a Roland first for their current lines, having MicroKORG-style mini keys.
  • No “menu diving”: Main functions, parameters and features have dedicated controller knobs / buttons
  • Thought to be hybrid of analogue and digital; System-1-style analogue modelling at the least.
  • 16/32-step synth sequencer to rival the rumoured ARP Odyssey reissues from KORG and Behringer.
  • Roland TR-909 / TR8 style mix of analogue and sampled drum sounds
  • D-Beam functionality: UNKNOWN.

Heard anything else on the rumour mill? We’d love to hear from you…


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