The Moog Modular Synth is back!

Come NAMM time, we’re always on the lookout for a mix of new gear we think we can realistically afford to add to our rigs this year, and the aspiration wishlist sort of stuff. I think what we have here though, is beyond even that. This really is a special bit of news: the Moog Modular is back.

New NAMM Moog Modular released

While Moog had been in business since the mid-fifties, it was the release of the Moog Modular analogue synth in 1964/65 that really established what would become the Moog legacy. Fresh from building a repeat of the mighty Keith Emerson Modular, Moog bring that legacy back to life with the release of the Moog Modular System 55, System 35 and System 15. And don’t they look special…

The 2015 Moog Modular

This new tranche of Moog Modular synth power doesn’t come cheap unfortunately. With the System 55 at $35,000, the System 35 costing $22,000 and the System 15 coming in at $10,000, the new Moog Modulars are not likely to be an impulse purchase.

Nor are they likely to be common, with production limited to just 55, 35 and 150 units of the System 55, 35 and 15 respectively. With so few units, just getting a chance to give one a wee program will be quite a treat!

It seems that the analogue revival is here to stay, and it’s getting serious.

Moog really do have things dialed in at the moment, you can put a Moog synth in your studio for only £239 with the Werkstatt, step up to the Minitaur or Sub Phatty, or pick up what is being hailed as possibly the best Moog since the Minimoog with the Sub 37.

Makes you wonder what’s next…

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