Scientists prove that musicians are more intelligent (as well as cooler)

musicbrainIn a recent article and animation, neuroscientist Anita Collins has shown how playing musical instruments improves brain functions more than any other activity.

The combination of creative and manual skills required to be a shredder or turntablist (or indeed beat box flautist) link the left and right sides of the brain in a special way. This explains why musicians are basically super-intelligent über-beings who also know how to party.


The implications are many and varied, but most importantly, it gives those in charge of education policy an extra reason to include music as a central part of the curriculum.

Check out the above short TED animation that explains how it all works…

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  1. Richard Kemp says:

    Music makes you more brainy? Scientifically proven?? Then why has the UK National Curriculum sidelined all the other subjects in favour of Numeracy & Literacy?

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