Fender announce Blues Junior made from [CENSORED]

***This article has been heavily censored as the information was simply TOO HOT to print and has been censored by Fender’s marketing department! Watch this space for future updates… (And why not enter our competition to win a Fender Strat while you wait?)***

Are you a guitar aficionado? [CENSORED] admirer? Tone wizard? Gear hoarder? Impossibly wealthy? This may be your lucky day!

The Fender Custom Shop have hinted at the release of a super-limited edition [CENSORED] Blues Junior guitar amp, made from [CENSORED]. Just take a look at this beauty…


You ain’t seen me, right


Aside from the obvious cabinet overhaul, the [CENSORED] Blues Junior also features an upgraded [CENSORED] replacing the usual “Lightning Bolt” Eminence speaker.


Aside from looking 100% outrageously cool, [CENSORED] is also 100% better than regular wood… SCIENCE FACT! It’s already warped, flexed and moved during its previous life, so it’s stronger and more stable for building; its scars and stains make the patina totally unique to the model you have; and no trees are cut down to convert old [CENSORED] to guitar cabinets, so it’s better for our planet.


According to our sources, this version of the Blues Junior is strictly limited to 100 units, and only 40 available outside of the USA. As always, Red Dog Music will do our very best to track one down! There’s no word on the price tag, but as it’s from the Custom Shop we’d expect it to be at least £1,200.


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  1. does it have a tap on the side and a refillable whisky dispenser.This would make it the musicians dream

  2. Robin Wright says:

    Well that's just cool, that there is …. I don't care who you are ….

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