Amazing! See vinyl record grooves, CD and DVD data in super close-up


Ben – the astonishingly dedicated boffin over at Applied Science – has used an electron scanning microscope to reveal the invisible world of audio and data storage! Never before have we been able to see in such clarity what happens every time we listen to a CD, watch a DVD or listen to a vinyl record. To be fair, in the age of Blu-Ray, streaming, torrents and 4k, we haven’t actually done any of those for a while, but it’s still AWESOME. Watch the video:

So, see all those little morse-code style notches on the CD? Your boring old CD player reads 130,000 of those bad-boys every single second. Not bad for 30-year-old outmoded tech, eh? Don’t even get us started on that weird CED… HOW do you play video with a stylus?!

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    he lost me at aluminum ! terrible word

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