Free a capella vocal tracks for probably a very limited time

Even though the whole “drop-a-vowel website name” is getting as tired and tedious as the dubstep remix, start-up Voclr have absolutely tons of well known vocal tracks available for free.


Whether or not they’re paying the artists, studios and crew anything for these vocal tracks is dubious and will probably result in a pretty rapid cease & desist from some multinational performing rights organisation, but – for now – there’s over a thousand vocal stems available for no money down.

Brush up on the legality of remixing copyright material, understand that it’s “a cappella” not “acappella”, then fill your boots!

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Guy Perchard

Digital editor & recording specialist at Red Dog Music
As well as being the marketing man-about-town at Red Dog Music, Guy is a busy, award winning record producer and mixing engineer. He is also partial to a chorizo stromboli for elevenses.

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