Roland Boutique range teaser released

Roland Boutique

This still from the video is about as much as we know so far!

With the release of the Aira products last year,  and the new JDXi, JDXa and System 1 this year, Roland have seriously upped their game in the synth department. They’ve realised that the legacy they’re sitting on with their products is pretty immense and they need to live up to that with their new products.

Enter the Roland Boutique range.

In their latest teaser released today, it seems they may be about to launch something else in their synth range, presumably called Roland Boutique. Our bet (from inspection of the video and wild speculation) is that the new products will be something along the lines of the Arturia Minibrute – a small-format hands-on synth. Whether they’ll be virtual analogue or true analogue remains to be seen, but given the quality of their recent releases, we reckon it’ll be something tasty either way!

Check out the video below and watch this space for more info as it comes…

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