Win an ARP Odyssey synthesiser worth £675 with Red Dog Music!



Have you ever browsed through lists of the top ten synthesisers of all time? Ever fallen in love with the ARP Odyssey only to have your heart broken when you find out it was discontinued three decades ago? Well lucky for you, KORG came along as an unlikely cupid to make your dreams come true. For the first time since the 80s, musicians and music lovers can get their hands on one of the most sought after subtractive synths ever made, re-imagined for the 21st century with a slightly smaller chassis, mini keys and a handy travel hardcase.

This month, Red Dog Music – the most awesome instrument shop in the universe – are giving away an ARP Odyssey synthesiser, the classic sound of the 70s used on countless hit records. If you want to free yourself from a world of presets and unleash your creativity,  you need these in your life.

To be in with a chance of winning, you simply need to sign up for the Red Dog Music weekly emails (don’t worry if you’re already signed up, just enter your email as if you aren’t). You can unsubscribe at any time, but you probably won’t want to, as our emails are full of cool articles, events and freebies. What’s more, if you really want to win, you can get extra entries by doing things like following us on Facebook and Twitter and sharing with friends (you’ll get an extra entry for every friend who signs up because of you). Hooray!

Win an ARP Odyssey synthesiser worth £675 with Red Dog Music!

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80 Responses to “Win an ARP Odyssey synthesiser worth £675 with Red Dog Music!”

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  1. I have a broken arpaxxe and always wanted the oddesy the first time round

  2. Nick Inett says:

    i need this in my life 🙂

  3. Fi Evans says:

    Im pulling up my Lucky pants and saying a cheeky prayer!

  4. Jonny Phage says:

    Wow! This is simply awesome. If I don't win, I'm gonna save up my money and buy one anyway. I've got a couple of emulators, but I'd love to get my hands on the real thing 🙂

  5. Gareth South says:

    It really is the gift that keeps on giving with this and my sub Phatty I really can reach places others wouldn't dare go!

  6. Marcus Banks says:

    Fingers so crossed they're broken!!

  7. David Gordon says:

    I played on of the originals – and Alson Moyet was in my girlfriends class, so i met Vince Clark playing on in the music store….

  8. Fingers , legs , arms and eyes all crossed , or did I just fall down a flight of stairs ? Anyhoo what a synth , pure legend remade.

  9. Ged Morris says:

    Serious bit of kit

  10. Robert Dart says:

    What a fantastic prize

  11. Fingers crossed, I need more than Monotrons!

  12. Barry Forbes says:

    Amazing prize, here's hoping :] Seasons greatings to Red Dog Music and Korg UK.

  13. Sam Wrangles says:

    I usually hate competitions because they make me feel like a right fool lol, my brother was always the one to win things not me, but hey, you never know right?! I was planning on saving for one anyway, 8 months is a painful wait lol! Anyway when is the winner announced?

  14. Paul Limb says:

    dont want to ARP on about it, but would be brill !!!

  15. Kim Wallace says:

    Cool page and competitions

  16. Graham Page says:

    If I won this I'd give it my son, he'd absolutely love it !!!!

  17. Mike Baxter says:

    I had an ARP AXXE MK2 Orange from new in 1980. Sold it earlier this year and would love to own the Odyssey, as it would be utterly brilliant and much lighter. Just started giging again after 25 years break!

  18. Rob Kay says:

    Original Odyssey was the first synth I ever owned – I miss it!

  19. Steve Went says:

    Arp the Herald angel sing. Glory to the new born Korg

  20. Jason Durham says:

    This would be a lovely win

  21. Rolo McGinty says:

    would come in very handy. i used original ARP much

  22. I need this even more than Nick Inett

  23. could do with a decent synth

  24. Greg John says:

    what's not to like ??!! Would love to win this to boost my musical arsenal… 😉

  25. This would be fun to have! 14 entries so far "fingers crossed"

  26. Andy Mott says:

    Something I could never afford …

  27. I had an arp suitcase synth, really nice sound, very electronic, but organic at the same time. Originals are xpcrazy money now though.

  28. Simon Brown says:

    I have an empty space my heart and it's about the size of that baby. Yep I'll take it.

  29. Alan Phil P says:

    Gosh i have never won anything in my life,But here goes,Its in Gods hands now,Deep smiles,I would be so over the moon if i won this great prize,,Heres wishing upon a star or two,,,P,,

  30. Pat Murphy says:

    are those miniature keys?

  31. Neil Watts says:

    As you can see my organ is well crusty so any donation is welcome!

  32. Greyum May says:

    This would be incredible! Such a cool synth

  33. Stuart Pope says:

    Brilliant prize 🙂

  34. I really hope I win. I would be extremely grateful if I did. The arp odyssey is fantastic. Learnt so much about synths through self teaching. Would be nice to get my hands on a actaull synth. Good luck everyone. who ever gets it will be so blessed.

  35. Tim Bell says:

    Gary Numan used them in the 80s .and ultravox .such a rich sounding analogue synth.i would love 1.

  36. I hope I win. Have everything I even have 28entrys!✌

  37. Chris Davies says:

    Good luck, everyone! I'm pretty sure most of us are drooling over this way more than the prospect of Christmas dinner 😉

  38. Be able to hammer out switched on bach haha!

  39. John Buxton says:

    I`ve been listening to Kebu quite a lot recently and he gets glorious sounds from his ARP Odyssey

  40. Wesley Bradd says:

    had a shot fell in love

  41. Nigel Scott says:

    Very nice! Always wished to own a synth had to just make do with fantasising,,,,

  42. Robert Steed says:

    Shame about sliders not knobs but I still want it!

  43. Andy Murray says:

    Dob will not enter in any format

  44. Like to try before I die!

  45. It would be a great addition to my set up 🙂

  46. Mark Giblin says:

    and Robert Plant spilt my pint, I wouldn't of minded so much but the pub had just opened and was empty, I was there early because I and my friend had finished work early that day, hot summers afternoon at the pub.

  47. Remy Mallett says:

    Such a great synth, an original was used all over Todd Terje's Album. Great for bass!

  48. Met Alan R Pearlman at amusic convention when they had just released the Odyssey.

  49. Ma Rio says:

    I wish I'll see this baby in my home studio, need this like oxygene 🙁

  50. Coz Bonfield says:

    Would be cool to have in any studio for hamering riffs out quick.


  52. Always wanted the ARP but never had the funds.A great synth

  53. Serious bit of kit I would love it please.

  54. I took acid once and now think I'm David Bowie on tour with Iggy Pop in 1977 and so I need this synth to get on stage.

  55. George Wood says:

    I'm sure I've entered this already, can't be too careful though

  56. Tim Bell says:

    The arp odyssey takes me back to the early 80s .when the likes of Gary Numan and ultravox were the main users of this fantastic analogue synth .i would love one.

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