Win a recording session at Price Studios in London with Red Dog Music

price-fbThis month, Red Dog Music have partnered up with Price Studios to offer a 2-day pro recording session to one lucky winner!

Situated in Battersea, South London, Price Studios is a welcoming, professional creative complex of recording studios, casting & rehearsal rooms, and film & TV recording facilities. Busted, Blake, Dame Shirley Bassey, James Arthur, Charlie Simpson, Hadley Fraser, and a whole host of stars from the stage and screen have recorded there, making Price Studios one of London’s go-to creative centres for professional musicians and actors alike.

This month’s winner will be mentored by the incredibly talented in-house engineer Max Dobson-Browne to make the most of their time at the studio, manning enough hi-tech toys, production gear and world-class instruments to make any gear-head drool. The recording session will consist of:

  • 1 day of recording
  • 1 day of editing/mixing
  • additional production if required and time permitting
  • mix delivery at the end of the 2nd day
  • lunch!

This recording package would suit anyone with a musical bone in their body, from singer-songwriters to rock bands, hip-hop beatmakers to bedroom producers wanting to put the radio-ready, professional shine on their DIY tracks. All you need to do to enter is fill out the simple form below and sign up to the Red Dog Music & Price Studios newsletters. You can also do little easy things like following us on Twitter, visiting our Facebook pages, recommending your friends etc for more entries.

Good luck!

Win a recording session at Price Studios, London with Red Dog Music

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Guy Perchard

Digital editor & recording specialist at Red Dog Music
As well as being the marketing man-about-town at Red Dog Music, Guy is a busy, award winning record producer and mixing engineer. He is also partial to a chorizo stromboli for elevenses.

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  1. Arno Blok says:

    some original songs i'm dying to get out there

  2. Would do anything to record an ep :')

  3. Owen Moore says:

    Promotion CD for our Stereophonics Tribute Band "Stereosonics"

  4. David Pooley says:

    Couple of my own tracks! Maybe make something fresh while I'm there if inspiration hits me!

  5. Ross Boyd says:

    An ep of my bands tracks would be great

  6. The album I'm currently struggling with in my home office

  7. Oh yes please! Have just formed a small band and we would love to record some of our favourite covers and some of our own stuff!

  8. Record original songs to create an E.P.

  9. I'm just starting out as a songwriter so I would like to record a few originals to put on a demo

  10. David Ragg says:

    Some a cappella, been amateur recording for two years now so would be great to see the professionals at work!

  11. David Paulus says:

    Just reformed after 23 years

  12. Dave Foster says:

    Some original stuff, some acoustic Neil Young, Free, Eric Clapton.

  13. Some of my own blues songs and some classics..

  14. Gordon Brown says:

    Own compositions and a reworking of one of my older ones.

  15. Been producing for a number of years now as a hobby and have a small home studio but would love to record some of my original stuff professionally.

  16. My band and me would record a few original tracks one called Mr white a upbeat rock tribute to breaking bad. A song called smile nice heavy song about outing on a brave face when all is not going well and Mr turner a fast paced song about a friend that likes to party!

  17. Dying to record, "Time will Tell"

  18. Kevin Bates says:

    Man with a dog head ,
    Lost Northern Soul
    Two or three light hearted songs
    And my version of Love will tear us apart
    None of which means anything to anybody else except close friends ha xxx
    alternatively I'll jam along to some acid house beats and recite words about how miserable Bolton is

  19. Russ Poole says:

    Some original stuff I have almost finished!

  20. It would be great to hear one or two of my own songs recorded with the fairy dust sprinkled on top.

  21. Chloe Roper says:

    I would like to record some duets with my
    Boyfriend who is an incredible songwriter

  22. Whatever inspires me at the time!

  23. Ryan Torn says:

    My own, on the gear I've been collecting(buying lol) from Red Dog.
    Mainly hard tekno based madness

  24. 3 original songs with my band Demonskill.

  25. Drums for my band's upcoming album would certainly sound better in a studio 😉

  26. Jason Eber says:

    I would record some of my bands songs or even drum tracks for our album 🙂 Argonaut – Check them out 😉

  27. Would love to record an EP with my band

  28. John Pippet says:

    Some original songs for our EP would be amazing!

  29. Mary Norris says:

    Original songs for an EP with my band, Red Skye. It needs to be done!

  30. Some Red Skye originals and probably a few of the covers on our youtube!

  31. Our own songs – would love a decent recording

  32. I have a bank of songs I've wanted to record in a professional studio for a long time… recording yourself just isn't the same 🙂

  33. It would be great to get some sax down on some of my new dub tracks and get a few mixed.

  34. Any of my own songs would be a dream come true!

  35. Songs of chaos and oblivion for Numbers Are Futile's second LP!

  36. Would love this opportunity to get some of my songs out there in a professional manner . Fingers crossed and good luck everyone.

  37. My daughter Chloe has written several songs which she wants to record

  38. Ben Yardley says:

    Would love to come and record one of our new barnstormers

  39. Waitin around to die by the late Townes Van Zandt or another one of his country classics

  40. Might finally get the Solomon Groove EP finished…

  41. I'd record my band Medicine Club's song Reform

  42. Luke Mulvey says:

    Working on a demo at the moment, would be even better to get it professionally recorded!

  43. Michael Day says:

    Several original tracks nrequiring a reciorded airing plus iopportunity to learn more about studio

  44. Lou Reeds Perfect Day.

  45. I'd record some songs from my non-electronic band, Les Misanthropes…

  46. Ashman DJ says:

    Hey guys, I have an unmixed g-house track called Materialist which I'm dying to get professionally mixed and mastered. I would really love to win this!

  47. Rubee Nisha says:

    My little sister missed her opportunity to audition at britains got talent and would love some studio time. It would make her the happiest kid ever. I'm not sure what she would sing but she likes rock music and pop music. She's 15 and would so appreciate this prize.

  48. Shivon Davis says:

    I would win this for my husband he is an incredible singer and he sings Mr Bo jangles he is amazing! Any Tom Jones he is incredible but sings anything x Thanks so much for the chance, This would make his day x

  49. This would be a chance to get a proper mix on some of my original stuff, plus have a go at some covers.

  50. I'd record tracks for my Commercial Songwriting module at uni. I've been working on some concept pieces based on BATMAN!!!!

  51. i would love to record – love shake by the B52's

  52. Mave Mcmahon says:

    i couldn't win an egg in a chicken race .. but you are such a great company, i am only too happy to provide my support!! and if (huge IF) i did win the recording session, i would love to have some of my self-penned stuff recorded.

  53. Emma Moore says:

    Definitely some of my own tracks.. and maybe a Kacey Musgraves cover!

  54. Ian Tubbs says:

    I'd surprise my girlfriend with the prize who's got a great voice and written her own music but hasn't had the confidence in recent years to get back into her music.

  55. Fez original song called "No Tomorrow"

  56. My band know as Mermaid would love to record some of our original songs: Yellow, Show Clothes and Agoraphobia. they have been getting great feedback. We have yet to be inside a studio as we have very little money but would love the opportunity to experience all aspects of recording i.e, being in a live room, seeing some mixing, looking at software and ofcourse, eating a studio lunch! 🙂

  57. Roy Aveyard says:

    one of my own or possibly a cover of Warm Leatherette

  58. Gary Topley says:

    I would love to write/record a song about homeless/alcohol addiction to raise awareness.

  59. Amy Wilkins says:

    Various covers, like, Rascal Flatts or Eric Church

  60. Just a singer that wants to record some tracks. What a chance..Good luck everyone..

  61. Alex Wight says:

    I'm part of a five-piece classic rock band based in Chester called Bloodstone Jack. We've a load of our own material and some covers we do from tikme to time, but mostly we'd love to get some prof recordings of our own material done. Fingers crossed!

  62. Jamie Vere says:

    I'd like to record 'Don't Go East' with my band, Saytr Play.

  63. Two tracks for our ep.

  64. Janet Palmer says:

    My nephew is in a band and this would be fantastic for them they have a number of songs that they've recorded themselves this is their band page

  65. Tom Mycock says:

    We've been asked to record 'Put It On' for a tribute album to Bob Marley in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust – so, that.

  66. Stephen mains demons imagine dragons doing harmonies and second parts would actually be a dream come true even the thought is getting me excited lol

  67. I'd love to record some original songs, eventry a mash up of a few of my fave songs too.

  68. Joe Peshall says:

    I would record my own tracks if I could

  69. Donna Baxter says:

    this would be great for my partners band. they could make a professional demo to promote their band rather than people relying on mobile phone footage

  70. Some covers of current songs

  71. The songs I sung to my daughter when she was little so I could give it to her and she could (hopefully) always remember them.

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