Low price & high performance: Eden bass amps


If you’re after a solid low end that won’t break the bank or your back, the Eden EC series is certainly hard to beat. The whole series have great little additions often left out on some more expensive amps – such as aux input and XLR recording output – and a great, balanced tone.

The EC series comes in the following varieties to suit a number of different applications:

Eden EC8 – 1×8″ 20w rehearsal combo

Eden EC10 – 1×10″ 50w small gig combo

Eden EC15 – 1×15″ 180w combo

Eden EC28 – 2×8″ 180w combo

Eden EC210 – 2×10″ 180w combo

Essentially, there are simple, single offerings for those wanting a light use amp: The EC8 is the perfect bass amp for home and jamming with friends, and the EC10 is capable enough to provide good bass presence for small acoustic-style gigs or lower volume ensembles.

When it comes to fully fledged gigging amps, the real choice are the EC15, 28, and 210. All three amplifiers offer a whopping 180w of power, and give the player much better tone control over the smaller units thanks to the inclusion of extra EQ bands and a built-in compressor. The only question that remains is which speaker combination to go for.

Traditionally, 1×15″ set-ups are great for providing low end boom and that traditional chest-thumping power, 2×10″ systems provide excellent clarity and are considered fairly good all-rounders, although not as thumpy as a 1×15″. The 2×8″ is the least “bassy” of the lot, but the brighter tone help it cut through a busy stage mix and might be better suited for more melodic bass playing. The 2×8″ is obviously a little smaller and lighter too, so may suit elder players who don’t want to lug around heavy amplifiers.

If you’re tempted by one of these black beauties, why not drop by your local Red Dog Music store and test one out? We have branches in Edinburgh, Leeds and London!

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